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Welcome to the Dru Professional Network (DPN) - the professional body for qualified Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teachers and also student teachers who have passed their interim assessment and successfully completed lesson plans. You can also join the DPN as an Associate member if you have completed your course but are not teaching.

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The DPN is a great way to connect with other teachers

What is the DPN

Our Dru teacher training programs offer a high standard of teaching and it is important to Dru that these standards are maintained by all Dru teachers.

So you need to be a member of the DPN if you are: 

  • teaching Dru Yoga classes in the community or in the workplace,
  • are a Dru yoga therapist offering 1-to-1 sessions,
  • are a Dru Meditation teacher. 

For info on fees and how to join or renew click here>

Professional support

The Dru Professional Network is here to support you and also to ensure you have access to opportunities to keep up-to-date with developments in teaching practice, including safety, and to provide opportunities for further development in a variety of fields, such as pre-natal, back care, meditation, ayurveda and much more. 

Fiona Wells, Mum, Dru Yoga teacher and environmental scientist

Mum, Dru Yoga teacher, Environmental scientist

Discovering the love inside is amazing, discovering how to help others to discover that love inside themselves is stunning.

Deepen your personal practice

Dru also wants to offer you the opportunities to deepen your personal practice, so that you also progress on your own journey with increasing confidence. Of course, that also means you can offer your classes more. 

It's a win-win!

Benefits of DPN membership

  • Quality promotion material for your posters and flyers
  • 12 months subscription to Australian Yoga Life magazine
  • web listings of your classes with Dru and Australian Yoga Life
  • Post graduate events - CPD
  • 1 month free with Dru Yoga Online, then 30% off subscription
  • Dru Star Lounge access free with a subscription to Dru Yoga Online 
  • Discounted rate on selected CPD events and courses
  • Up to 30% discount on Dru CDs, books and DVDs
  • Members' only resources such as survival tips for new teachers, class plans and forms you would use for your classes
  • Access to the latest research on the effectiveness of Dru Yoga 
  • Membership letter for your  Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Policy

Continuing Professional Development

The way we in Dru (and many professional bodies) ensure these high standards are maintained, is by offering postgraduate courses and workshops and also through access to:

  • the Dru Star Lounge (which is included in the Dru Yoga Online Studio membership - if you are a member of the DPN). 
  • becoming a volunteer at workshops or Dru teacher training courses
  • attending postgraduate courses or workshops
  • reviewing for Dru Yoga course groups. 

We've made recording CPD simpler for you!

Simply book online for a postgrad event, and your teaching skills CPD points will be automatically added to your CPD record. If you book a public Dru workshop online, your Dru Connection CPD points are added.  We understand you don't want to spend time on paperwork - after all it's the learning that's important - so we've made it as easy as possible for you.

You can learn more about CPD by visiting this page > 

Find out more about DPN benefits here>

Christiane and Dru Yogis - sitting twist by river

Wherever you are in the world

You are amongst friends when you join the DPN

Bonus if you subscribe to the Dru Online Studio

If you subscribe to the Dru Yoga Online Studio, then as a member of the DPN you will also have access to the Dru Star Lounge (at no extra cost) - a valuable resource to support your teaching, post qualification. 

There are also many other benefits, including access to promotional material and discounts for the Dru Yoga Online Studio, online courses, Dru products and special DPN rates for many Dru workshops and events.

See the full discount list here >

Guide to accessing these discounts for logged in DPN members click here

Your DPN is here to support you.

Join the DPN community

The DPN is here to provide you with the support and service you need to become and remain brilliant Dru teachers.

We know that you will find the Dru Professional Network a valuable resource.

DPN Australasia Membership Fees  

Full member             $95

Associate member   $65   (non-teaching member)
Student member      $50

Join or renew now 

Your DPN Australasia co-ordinator is Alison Wyse. Want to know more?

Contact your DPN Australasia team

Contact Alison or phone +61 6161 1462

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7 Jul, 2020
Hi There team, Just wondering when we are meant to receive our Australian Yoga Life magazines? I joined the DPN in March 2020 but haven't received a magazine as yet. I believe there are 4 issues a year so thought one would have arrived by now. Are they digital subscriptions or print magazines? As a new teacher, all exposure will be welcome! Thanks so much, Ruth :)