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Welcome to the DPN UK


Welcome to the Dru Professional Network (DPN) - the professional body for qualified Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teachers and also student teachers who have passed their interim assessment.

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The DPN is a great way to connect with other teachers

What's new on the DPN website

We have two new Health forms, compliant with GDPR - find it under RESOURCES > Teacher resources  > Health forms&GDPR

What is the DPN

Our Dru teacher training programmes offer a high standard of teaching and it's important that these standards are maintained by all Dru teachers.

So you need to be a member of the DPN if you are: 

  • teaching Dru Yoga classes in the community or in the workplace,
  • are a Dru yoga therapist offering 1-to-1 sessions,
  • are a Dru Meditation teacher. 

Find details of DPN membership costs here.    

Professional support

The Dru Professional Network is here to support you and also to ensure you have access to opportunities to keep up-to-date with developments in teaching practice, including safety, and to provide opportunities for further development in a variety of fields, such as pre-natal, back care, meditation, ayurveda and much more. 

Fiona Wells, Mum, Dru Yoga teacher and environmental scientist

Dru Yoga teacher, Environmental scientist

Discovering the love inside is amazing, discovering how to help others to discover that love inside themselves is stunning.

Deepen your personal practice

We also want to offer you opportunities to deepen your own personal practice, which enables you to progress with increasing confidence and offer even more to your yoga students.

It's a win-win!

Continuing Professional Development  

The way we ensure these high standards are maintained, is by:

  • offering postgraduate courses and workshops 
  • the Dru Star Lounge (which is included in the Dru Yoga Online membership - if you are a member of the DPN). 
  • doing refresher training (attending sessions at current teacher training courses)
  • being a support tutor on current teacher training courses
  • more info here

We've made recording CPD simpler for you!

Simply book online at druyoga.com for a postgrad event, and your teaching skills CPD points will be automatically added to your CPD record. If you book a Dru workshop online at druyoga.com, your personal development CPD points will be added.  However, as these are not the only way to achieve CPD points, you will still need to send in your CPD record each year if you use one of the other ways of accruing CPD points.

 Click here for the number of CPD points we have registered for you (you must be logged in!)

Christiane and Dru Yogis - sitting twist by river

Wherever you are in the world

You are amongst friends when you join the DPN

Bonus if you subscribe to Dru Yoga Online 

If you subscribe to the Dru Yoga Online, then as a member of the DPN you will also have access to the Dru Star Lounge (at no extra cost) - a valuable resource to support your teaching, post qualification. 

There are also many other benefits, including access to promotional material and discounts at Dru Yoga Online, online courses, Dru products and special DPN rates for many Dru workshops and events.

See the full discount list here

For more DPN benefits click here

Guide to accessing these discounts for logged in DPN members click here

Your DPN is here to support you.

Join the DPN community

The DPN is here to provide you with the support and service you need to become and remain brilliant Dru teachers.

We know that you will find the Dru Professional Network a valuable resource.

Your DPN UK Co-ordinator is Jill Whitehead!  Want to know more?

Contact your DPN UK team

Email our DPN Co-ordinator Jill  on info@drunetwork.com or phone 01248 602900, ext 217

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