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Foundation course information

Foundation course information

Dru Meditation foundation course

The Dru Meditation Foundation course is a powerful transformational journey that provides you with the tools to live life in a positive and successful way.


Explore different styles of meditation and find real inner peace through your own practice.


A tried and tested meditation method that will keep you calm, balanced and energised amidst ever-changing life experiences.

Dru Meditation is a systematic approach to working with the five koshas, which are the different levels through which we experience the world. It takes you deeply into the science of meditation, showing how to bring your awareness from the physical body, through to the deepest layers of your being. You will explore different styles of meditation and will find real inner peace through your own practice.

This Dru Meditation Foundation course is a powerful programme in which you will learn to meditate, develop mindful awareness, discover real inner peace and gain a fresh, new perspective on life. 


Dru meditation - relax in nature

Dru Meditation

Live in tune with your natural rhythm

This course is designed for... 

The Dru Meditation Foundation course is perfect for meditation practitioners who want a more confident personal practice. It's also great for yoga teachers who want to explore Dru Meditation in more depth.

This course is ideal for those who want a taste of the Dru Meditation Training course, without the full commitment of a 200h diploma course. If after attending the foundation course you wish to join the full meditation teacher training course, you can simply continue onto the next module with the rest of your course group.



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The Dru Meditation Foundation course is a powerful transformational journey - find out more.


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Psychiatric Nurse, Swansea

I came to first module of the Dru Meditation Course feeling worn out and tired. I left totally energised, focused and rejuvenated. How wonderful to feel like this!

Some of the benefits of the course

Dru Meditation is about finding your inner still point. On the foundation course you will meet like minded people, experience excellent tuition, and support materials as well as:

  • deeply relax your body and gain a calm, clear mind
  • discover how to use use meditation to create success in your life
  • develop yourself personally and spiritually
  • learn how to manifest your personal goals
  • create more harmony in yourself and your relationships


Coby Langford sunset

Coby Langford

Dru Yoga teacher trainer and Osteopath

What you will learn...

Module 1

  • introduction to your physical body - find your perfect sitting posture
  • how, why and when to relax successfully
  • three ways to deepen your breathing 
  • shanti prana Dru Meditation (physical) - meditation on the body
  • understanding the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems
  • establishing a successful meditation practice
  • how dru meditation compares with other styles
  • prana kriyas, meditations and walks in nature



John Jones, Dru Meditation teacher trainer

John Jones

Dru Meditation teacher trainer

Module 2

  • introduction to pranamaya kosha
  • reasons for not breathing optimally
  • the importance of breath ratios
  • shanti prana Dru Meditation (subtle)—meditation on the pranamaya kosha
  • the chakras—a deeper understanding
  • the 3-fold breath —a kriya for inner stillness
  • sahita breath—to build energy in the vital organs
  • introduction to the bhagavad gita
  • how to overcome the mind’s resistance to meditation
  • meditations and walks in nature


Foundation course information

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