Dru Yoga - Vyaghrasana: the tiger

Dru Yoga - Vyaghrasana: the tiger

Vyaghrasana is especially beneficial for those people who sit a lot as it strengthens the lower back, abdominal and gluteus maximus and medius muscles, which are all important for good posture.

It is also good for women after childbirth as it tones the female reproductive organs. On the mental and emotional level it brings a stronger sense of willpower and determination and the ability to be more flexible in facing life’s challenges is nurtured. On the energetic level your awareness is drawn first to Swadhistana chakra, rising to Manipura (around the level of the naval), Vishuddhi (at the throat) and Ajna  (between the brows.

Dru Yoga - the extended runner

Dru Yoga - the extended runner

There are many ways to work with this posture to gain long term health benefits. Here are some of them! 

This posture is used within the Sun Sequence and also as a great body preparation for the illiopsoas muscle for postures like the Lord of the Dance (Natarajasana ), the Camel and the Bow.

Dru Yoga - Dhanurasana: the bow

Dru Yoga - Dhanurasana: the bow

Dhanurasana or the Bow gives a complete activation of the whole spine, helping maintain both its suppleness and strength and also of the hips. It is an amazing backward bend, which opens the chest and stretches the pecs and the quads. In the final stage the bow gives a gentle massage to the abdominal organs, obviously aiding digestion.

Dru Yoga - parivritta trikonasana: the rotated triangle

Dru Yoga - Parivritta Trikonasana: the rotated triangle

The triangle posture is a great tonic for the digestion and with the twisting movement around the abdomen it helps to prevent constipation too.

This posture and the Extended triangle (Utthita Trikonasana) is perfect for anyone suffering from scoliosis of the spine. Perform a combination of both regularly to gain the benefits.

Cat posture - marjariasana

I've always loved the cat posture because of the way it combines utter simplicity and ease with profound results. It's just about the best back toner you'll come across, and if you can get it right, you can use it as a tool for clearing emotional blocks stored all along the spine.

And there's even more... and if you can get that right, you can use it as an aid to bringing vibrant clarity to your consciousness in meditation... Read on for all the details!


Surya Namaskara

This is one of my personal all time favourties in yoga, because it gives you a fantastic body work out and you can adjust it to your own needs and abilities particular as Dru Yoga offers so many modifications.


Here are the benefits!

Surya Namascara gives you physical stamina, a fantastic improvement in flexibility and an overall toning of the body. You don’t need go to the noisy gym and you can put your favourite music on and do yoga from home, or you can go out in the beauty of nature.

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