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CD Easing Headaches

Easing Headaches

Mansukh Patel & Cody Langford

Are your headaches muscular? Are they stress related?
Posture related? Diet related? Are they due to eye tension?


Mansukh Patel & Coby Langford



    This children’s picture book has it all—



    Give the gift of health this Christmas to your friends and students.

    Energy in Motion

    Annie Jones, Andrew Wells, featuring Mansukh Patel

    Includes two of Dru's most popular sequences, Saluations to the Four Directions and Salute to Dru

    Intermediate to Advanced


    Mansukh Patel and Coby Langford

    Strengthen your body, relax your mind, open your heart.
    This set of 9 body-mind yoga programmes will keep you relaxed, energised and empowered all day long.