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Dru Meditation

Anouschka Dack, Senior Dru teacher trainer and therapist

Dru Meditation

Effortlessly still


Ruth Boaler, Senior Dru Yoga & Meditation teacher training and NHS Physiotherapist near the Dru Yoga International Retreat Centre, Snowdonia, Wales

Dru Meditation

Wellbeing hub


Dru meditation on the beach

Dru Meditation

Relaxing, inspiring


Stability and Stillness in an Ever-Changing World


Now, more than ever, it's important to feel a sense of stability and stillness, and to find safety in an ever-changing world. We are faced with a growing transience which is pushing us to explore that place of absolute stillness within. 

Join me in this week's clip on the poly vagal experience of our nervous system to create a sense of "home". It's a major key to reaching that still place within and functioning confidently from our centre on a daily basis. 

Rumi says "When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy." 


Discovering your Inner Sovereign


In this meditation, Andrew guides you into an experience of light, the light of your own greatness. 

When we touch the reality of this light, which we all have within, it's possible to add enormously to the welfare of others. 

Join Andrew in using that light to add empowerment to the onward journey of the soul we honour as Queen Elizabeth, and then go on to invite that same light to brighten the lives of all who are focused on her life at the moment. 


World Peace Flame Meditation for the Ukraine


Join Andrew in the World Peace Flame meditation, with the important addition of building bridges of love to form a matrix of light before you start. Now your individual meditation can arise from a much larger feeling of connectedness and support. 

In a world that needs love, you are such an important part of the answer!


Keys to a resilient and joyful mind


Welcome to the 2022 Dru Meditation Challenge!

You’re now part of a worldwide community of people dedicated to deepening our meditation practice. Together we will build up a powerful meditation practice to create inner stability, strength and joy, to navigate a changing world. And doesn’t the world need that light and stability right now?

The Practical Details:


Easy Meditations to Step Out of the Anxiety Spiral (FUD)


Hi everyone, 

If you're interested in how meditation can be both really easy to do, as well as very simple - perhaps so you can more successfully share it with others, tonight's masterclass has some really great stuff!

Explore >

We've been exploring some relatively new branches of neuroscience and finding their brilliant parallels with what the mystics have always known.


The 5 Elements, 3 - Air

Discover the greatness of this part of the field of consciousness - the part of you that knows how to move in any direction, to direct your awareness towards new and wonderful ideas, the part of you that knows how to allow the mind to become quiet. And in the midst of true Stillness, you may even hear the sound of the Infinite, the 'unstruck sound', the great Anahata.



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