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Front cover of Deer-lightful


    Suzanna Thell

    This children’s picture book has it all—

    • heart moving story with a profound secret to be discovered
    • yoga sequence with the potential to bring about change and transformation
    • beautiful illustrations to draw you into the heart space
    • educational information about the musk deer
    • why relaxation is so important in our life today
    • outline of relaxation process
    • sample guided relaxation

    Parents…have you ever had your child crawl under you while doing downward dog, try to climb up you while you’re doing the tree, or constantly interrupt you as you do an EBR sequence?

    Teachers…have you ever looked at the kids in your class and wondered how to get them to a state of balance, how to have them concentrate better or how to calm them down and relax?

    Deer-lightful offers the reader the whole package, a book with something for the young and the young at heart

    • Immerse yourself in the beautiful illustrations
    • Move with the story as you share with your child
    • Introduce children to the benefits of yoga and relaxation in the classroom
    • Experience inner peace and stillness with the guided relaxation
    • Let the story touch your soul as you discover treasures within


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