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The course is open to everyone—from beginners to seasoned practitioners. If you’re new to the Dru then it’s a great idea to attend a series of Dru Yoga classes to experience the Dru style. You’ll get a good feel of the flowing sequences, dynamic postures and the sense of community that always comes with Dru.

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Do Dru Yoga online

In rare cases where you’re unable to attend a class in-person, you can try our online classes from the Dru Online Studio, which gives a vast selection of yoga, relaxation, breathing and meditation sessions.

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When you register for the course, you’ll be asked to:
1.    Complete an application form
2.    Complete a health form
3.    Send 2 character references. 

You’ll then have a personal 1-to-1 with a course tutor to explore your application—making sure the course is a perfect fit for you.

The Dru Yoga 200-hour YTT is designed to teach adults of all abilities, age and fitness levels. We also offer further postgrad training, Dru Kids & Teens, to help you specialise in teaching primary or secondary-aged children.

REGISTRATION FEE: A one-off payment of £145
(If your application is not accepted, your registration fee will be refunded.)


18 monthly payments of £150


15 monthly payments of £180


Pay one sum of £2500
(save £200)


Foundation Course consists of the first 6 modules of the course
5 monthly payments of £170

"If you'd like to discuss your payment options further...

Contact Chandra Goswami on 07946 686607

You can email the team at hello@druworldwide.com

Day 1: April 30 - Online

Day 2: May 14 - Blended

Day 3: June 11 - Online

Day 4: July 9 - Blended

Day 5: July 30 - Online

Day 6: August 20 - Blended (London only - August 27)

*The Foundation course dates are the first 6 days above.

Day 7: September 10 - Online

Day 8: October 1 - Blended

Day 9: October 29 - Online

Day 10: November 19 - Blended

Day 11: December 10 - Online

Day 12: January 21 - Blended

Day 13: February 11 - Online

Day 14: March 3 - Blended

Day 15: April 7 - Online

Day 16: April 28 - Blended

Day 17: May 19 - Online

Day 18: June 9 - Blended

Day 19: July 7 - Online

Assessments: 2 days to be arranged regionally with option of face-to-face or online

The course venues are:


Light Centre Belgravia
7-9 Eccleston Street, Belgravia, London, SW1W 9LX

Scotland - Stirling
Iris Murdoch Building
University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4NF

Scotland - Aberdeenshire
East Cairnhill Farm
Culsalmond, AB52 6UU

South West
Ashtorre Rock
Waterside, Old Ferry Road, Saltash, PL12 4GT

Please get in touch if you can't make this intake. We have a number of Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses starting every year in a variety of formats: online, blended and in-person.

Our next Online format will be starting in Autumn 2023.

Contact: Joshna@druworldwide.com

There’s no written exam, phew! 
If you are doing the course for self-development purposes only then there’s no assessment.

However, if you’d like to qualify as a professional Dru Yoga teacher then we run teacher-led assessments at the end of the course. This consists of an hour’s observation of your teaching a Dru Yoga class to a small group of students. See below for further details.

During the course you’ll be guided in your teacher training through ongoing formative assessments followed by constructive advice on any aspects of your teaching. These are not highly formal and create a great way to relax into your own yoga, or bodywork, and teaching.

As mentioned above, there is also a summative assessment at the end of the course, which is arranged within course time after you’ve completed all of the coursework, attendance and payment.

If you are unable to attend a course day for unforeseen reasons, we offer catch-up days for an additional fee. This helps you to cover the 200 hours and supports your qualifying for the assessment.

The coursework consists of your home practice for which you’ll be expected to keep a written journal. There are also written assignments covering foundational yoga topics such as: anatomy & physiology, creating a lesson plan and exploring the subtle energetics of yoga.

Most of our applicants have some experience of yoga. However, Dru Yoga is accessible to ages and levels of ability—if you are completely new to yoga we would advise having a chat with one of our team to decide ways in which you can gain some experience before joining the course.

Contact: hello@druworldwide.com or call Alison on 07557222648 

We believe that yoga is about practise rather than performance. It is very much a personal journey of development in body, mind and spirit, to better physical and mental wellbeing.

Dru Yoga is non-competitive. As you go through the course you will see your own posture improve and the relationship with your body and mind positively transform. Your yoga will take on a deeper and more meaningful connection to your sense of self. 

As the Dru Yoga training is a 200-hour course, we ask that you start to teach once you have successfully completed your final assessment. 

However, during the course there are plenty of opportunities to teach your peers, and also share your yoga with family and friends. Your tutors will help prepare you with enough teaching experience to take the final assessment with reassured confidence.

Raymond Niemeyer

Dru Yoga has changed my life and my perspective about movement. The course has given me the strength and beauty of moving in a different way and I apply all this beautiful work to my clients as a physiotherapist. 

Liz Winchurch
Dru Yoga teacher

When I started the course I was quite anxious, stressed and exhausted. By the end I had become a different person, connecting to deeper parts of myself and becoming a lot more compassionate towards myself and others. 

Karen Neal

The tutors here have inspired me to share the insights I have gained throughout the course, which have been to manage my fibromyalgia and to live with less pain and fatigue. I know I’ll be able to share my story to help and inspire others.

We are delighted to say that we have a very high standard of training which enables most of our students to pass.

In rare cases we may ask you to retake, with continued guidance from tutors and advisors. 

We strongly recommend that you give your yoga practice a minimum of 15 hours per month (or 30 minutes per day). The greatest ease and success of course comes with as much regular practice as possible, so this is guidance only.
On top of this you will have 8 hours per month of online sessions to engage with.

We recommend you attend a Try Out session with one of our tutors. They are highly enjoyable and give you a wonderful overview of the course.

When you register for the course, you’ll be asked to:
1.    Complete an application form
2.    Complete a health form
3.    Send 2 character references. 

You’ll then have a personal 1-to-1 with a course tutor to explore your application and way forward. Our priority is to make sure the course is a perfect fit for you.

In the rare event that you’re unable to attend a live online or in-person day, we will advise you to attend a catch-up. These are live online sessions which are an additional to the course price. The fee will be discussed with you should such an occasion arise, and is usually in the region of £80 for a minimum group of 4 catch-up students.