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DYTT Registration Form Template

Thank you for taking the time to complete this registration form.

This is a 2-stage registration process. Once you have submitted this first part, you will be taken to part 2: health form. 

We only request information that is important for us in order to support your attendance on this teacher training course. Please see the foot of this form for further privacy information.

Please select which course you are registering for
Tell us about your yoga experience
Are you a yoga teacher?
If yes, how many classes do you teach?
Are you a complementary therapist?
Please outline any background you have in teaching or training.
Please outline any background you have in teaching or training, especially within the sphere of personal development, human resource or therapeutics (for example, yoga, rai chi, any kinds of group work, therapies etc). If you are teaching regularly, how many groups/people do you teach per week?
Please tell us about any Dru events you have participated in.
Please specify title and year and also do include courses you may be currently booked on
About you
Finally, please write about yourself below and include the following:- What led you to apply for the Dru Yoga training course? Tell us about your interests and skills. And what you would like to achieve by doing the course?
Thank you for completing the Dru Yoga teacher training application form. We will be in touch with you soon. Please remember to send in your references.