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Dru Meditation Testimonials

What people say about Dru Meditation

We've picked out some of our favourite testimonials from Dru Meditation courses, training and events to give you a better idea of what you can expect to experience with Dru.

Dru Meditation

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Yoga Teacher

If you would like to experience bliss, please do yourself a favour and try Dru Meditation.

'It doesn't matter how old you are or in what condition, life really starts when you meditate.'  - MV


'Meditation opens your heart to other possibilities, to deep inner silence and knowing. Through this course you can find your way there'.  - KO


'The retreat gave me a few days away from my ‘normal world’ where I could again experience the power of my own heart, my true nature. Even though you have a very enjoyable and fruitful life, sometimes you need to step outside of it to realise just what you have.'  - ST


'I feel as though meditation is a key in my personal development and is something I will definitely pursue at home.' - EF

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Psychologist, sa

The Dru Mediation course is top quality as well as lots of fun inside and out. It comes with enormous knowledge and infinite wisdom.

Dru Meditation teacher training

'This course delivers on every promise! But you have to do it in order to actually experience that extra special secret ingredient!'
- Iain, nurse/yoga teacher/therapist, Melbourne

'Inspirational! A great opportunity for self development and empowerment. Very confirming and uplifting, revitalising and energising.'
- HB, counsellor/psychologist, ACT

'Want to stay younger? Do the Dru Meditation course. A pocket of sanity and peace in a very stressed, fast paced world. Look out onto the world with new eyes!'
- Elaine, cosmetics assistant, Adelaide

'Truly the gold standard of teacher training courses'

Ruth, yoga teacher


'The Dru method of teaching/training is the most wholesome, wholistic, organic and complete experience. It is totally connected to the ancient traditions – and today’s shifts in energies and consciousness. It is taught with wisdom, intelligence and joy. And great love.'
- Di, yoga teacher and therapist, SA


'This course is taking me to places I’ve never been. It is so exciting and awe-inspiring.'    - PR, librarian, ACT


'With each Dru Meditation module I feel as if I am opening like a flower to revealing my true self.' - J

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One of the most effective antidotes to the stress of modern living. Why not try it and experience it for yourself.


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Dru Meditation class

Mouli MacKenzie

Dru Meditation teacher trainer, with class

Dru Yoga and Meditation intensive

'The workshop was extremely in-depth, yet presented in such a way as to be accessible to all whether experienced in yoga or not. Thank you, I feel invigorated and calm!'
- Ali, yoga teacher, Melbourne


'What a fantastic day – it's really great to have some practical strategies to help to evaluate your life and approach the challenges we face.'
- AvD, doctor, Melbourne


'What a wonderful experience. The knowledge, warmth and genuine love from Andrew and Noelene was amazing. Thank you so much for a blissful workshop.'
- Jenny, market consultant, Melbourne

'I’ve discovered that it is possible to meditate easily. And that it doesn’t have to be very long. Therefore it’s achievable. I plan to start tomorrow.'
- Vivien, community health worker, Melbourne

'Wow! I saw me today. Thank you.'
- Mel, practice manager/yoga teacher, Melbourne

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