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Starting 19 March 2022
Dru Meditation Mastery Course

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Gain mastery over your mind and develop the skills to help others transform themselves.


For 15 years this highly interactive meditation course has been transforming the personal and teaching practices of thousands of people. Whether you’re a meditation beginner or seasoned practitioner, this course will enable you to reap all the emotional, psychological and spiritual benefits of profound levels of meditation. Become emotionally balanced, spiritually powerful and come to understand and live your true purpose.

Jane Clapham - Senior Tutor

The soul loves to meditate, for in contact with the spirit lies its greatest joy.

Paramhamsa Yogananda

Course Overview

Master your meditation practice

and qualify as a Dru Meditation Teacher

Join our expert team for a transformative one-year experience, deepening your meditation and learning how to teach others how to become the master of their minds.

You'll experience a progressive journey of inner growth, with an international community of dedicated people who want to make a difference to the world.

The full course consists of 3 levels:
Level 1 is open to everyone who wants to deepen their personal practice.
Level 2 allows you to go deeper into the advanced techniques.
Level 3, the optional professional teaching diploma, runs concurrently to Level 2 and qualifies you to teach others safely. 

CPD hours
If you complete all 3 levels of the course, you will gain:

  • 108 Meditation professional development hours
  • 24 CPD professional hours
  • 12 CPD personal development hours.

Meditation Mastery - Level 1

Mastering mindful awareness and the awakening of the first three layers of your energy system. Develop a powerful and transforming personal practice which brings stability, dynamic energy & emotional freedom. 

Meditation Mastery - Level 2

Open to Level 1 grads  |

Explore advanced meditation practices and deepen understanding of kriyas, concentration and mantra to awaken the more subtle energies of the body.  

Meditation Mastery - Level 3 

Open to Level 1 grads  |
You will learn all the specialised skills to safely and confidently teach specific meditation and mindful awareness techniques from level 1, and to establish your classes.

Course Details


  • Duration: 6 months
  • 6 monthly 75-minute group tutorials 
  • 11 live teaching days
  • Community connection
  • Optional meditation classes


  • Mindful Awareness and how to still and quieten the mind at will
  • Dru Prana Kriyas and movements to prepare for comfortable sitting
  • The science behind meditation's incredible effectiveness
  • Meditation's origins in yoga philosophy - from the Vedas to the Gita - and how to apply them to modern life
  • Which pranayama techniques to use for the first three koshas to enhance meditation practice
  • The specific meditations that clear and awaken the Annamaya, Pranamaya and Manomaya Koshas

LEVEL 1 - DATES​​​​​​​

11 live training days

19 - 20 March 2022 
23 - 24 April 2022
28 - 29 May 2022
2 - 3 July 2022
6 - 7 August 2022
10 September 2022


  • Duration: 6 months
  • 6 monthly 75-minute group tutorials 
  • 10 live teaching days
  • Community connection
  • Optional meditation classes


  • Review and assimilation of Level 1 practices
  • The specific meditations that clear and awaken the Vignaanamaya and Anandamaya Koshas.
  • Advanced concentration techniques to develop a powerful mental focus for success in meditation and life in general
  • Advanced prana kriyas – to work on the more subtle koshas
  • Dru Meditation Kriyas and advanced practices that transform old patterns and liberate the mind
  • Stage 2 - meditative prayer, japa and contemplation techniques
  • Meditations from different traditions and cultures
  • Mantra meditations to transform emotions and awakening the deeper levels of consciousness
  • Ways to overcome resistances of the mind and establish a life-long meditation practice
  • Personal guidance to assimilate the deeper work on all 5 koshas
  • A road map to apply Dru Meditation to daily challenges  - creating lasting joy
  • The Luminous Self Meditation - a glimpse of your soul
  • Meditation philosophy 
  • Guidance to create silence in your daily life


​​​​​​​10 live training days

15 - 16 October 2022
26 - 27 November 2022
21 - 22 January 2023
1 - 2 April 2023
3 - 4 June 2023


  • Duration: 6 months (alongside Level 2)
  • 6 live teaching days (including assessment)
  • Community connection
  • Regular group tutorials
  • Final assessment (live online)


  • How teaching meditation is different from teaching yoga
  • How to perceive and guide the subtle energy of your class
  • Teaching skills – how to confidently teach relaxations, prana kriyas and Level 1 meditations
  • Structuring and planning meditation classes  - with lesson plans for different levels
  • How to take meditation into the workplace and present ancient practices in a contemporary way.


6 live training days + assessments

25 - 26 February 2023
29 April 2023
8 - 9 July 2023
2 September 2023


Pay in full

Level 1 + 2 = £1,890

Levels 1, 2 + 3 = £2,250

Level 1 only = £990


  • Meditation Mastery Levels 1 & 2  = 15 x £126 monthly
  • Teaching Diploma: Levels 1, 2 & 3  = 18 x £140 monthly 

Individually Priced Levels (as installments)

  • Level 1 = 6 x £165 monthly 
  • Level 2 = 8 x £112.50 monthly 
  • Level 3 = 7 x £90.00 monthly 


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    3. Our course team will then be in touch with you to confirm your enrollment and set up your payment plan

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    Who is this course for?

    This mastery course is designed for yoga teachers, health professionals and coaches who want to share the benefits of meditation with others.

    You will benefit most from the course if you are dedicated to a regular personal practice and are familiar with some basic Dru Yoga techniques and concepts. For example, Energy Block Release 1, 2 & 3 and have a working knowledge of the chakras and subtle energy systems. These are available on the Online Studio.

    Meet the tutors

    Each tutor has practised and taught Dru Meditation for, on average, 30 years each and are passionate about sharing their experiences with you. Your tutor team includes: 

    Rita is a founding member of Dru. She is Director of Dru UK and co-author of the bestselling book ‘Dance Between Joy and Pain’. Rita has taught yoga and meditation for over 35 years and has had a lifetime of experience in practical spirituality, meditation, mantra and Vedanta. She has pioneered innovative programs for doctors and health professionals that integrate complementary and orthodox medicine; delivered specialised, innovative seminars to the business community aimed at stress relief; travelled to over 40 countries as part of a unique global peace project called ‘Friendship without Frontiers’ sharing self-help techniques to integrate body, heart and mind.

    Jane Saraswati Clapham has been meditating for 35 years, and is an enthusiastic exponent of the transforming benefits of meditation. Her studies of psychology at Bangor University gave her a grounding in the science behind ancient yogic practices. She is passionate about sharing how meditation and sound can bring joy in our busy, modern lives. 

    Chandra is director of Dru Yoga’s projects in Scotland. An international Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher trainer, she has led workshops in Europe, Asia and North America teaching Dru techniques. She has facilitated workshops within the corporate, parliamentary, health and educational fields with a focus on effective principles that govern our ability to master the mind and emotions. 

    A meditator of over 20 years, Chandra’s passion is to support participants in discovering their point of stillness and to allow the mind to reach its full potential to heal, renew and create success.

    Andrew is one of Dru's lead international Dru Yoga and Meditation trainers. He has taught for more than 25 years in over 30 countries and is much loved for the rich sense of transformation and hope he brings to his presentations. He trains people in whole-person approaches to health and self-empowerment and has pioneered the application of Dru Yoga trauma-healing in the conflict/war zones of Northern Ireland, Eastern Europe and Africa. 

    Alison Boyle practised as a Head Occupational Therapist in Glasgow specialising in spinal injuries before coming to Dru. She trained as a Dru Yoga teacher in 1991.  Alison has been one of the main senior tutors on the Dru Meditation course in North Wales since it began over 15 years ago. She understands personally how meditation helps bring balance, depth and connection into her life and this allows her brings her Self and a special brand of joy and Scottish humour to her teaching. 

    Maggie Brizzi is the Director of Dru Meditation in London.  She is a member of the Dru London Team and oversees all of the Dru Meditation Courses and Workshops in London.  She is a Senior Dru Meditation Tutor, Senior Dru Yoga Tutor, Senior Dru Bhagavad Gita Tutor and Co-ordinator of the UK World Peace Flame Foundation Charity. She is passionate about helping her students to discover the miracle and mystery of life which opens up for them with the Dru Meditation Course. 

    Christiane is an international Dru Yoga, Dance and Meditation teacher trainer. Acquiring a degree in architecture she soon thereafter started to immerse herself in the study of Yoga and Eastern philosophy, and has lead a yogic lifestyle ever since. 

    With her joyful nature and clear teaching style she has inspired and trained many hundreds of students over the past 12 years. Through her passion for meditation she holds space for students to journey deeper into their body, heart, mind and spirit, ultimately helping them to claim back their innate powers of health, vitality and deep inner joy.

    Peter Legge has for the past twelve years participated in Dru Meditation training as a tutor in North Wales and London. He has spent all his working life in education, first as a school teacher, later in BBC radio and television as an education producer, and latterly as a university tutor leading a postgraduate course in television production. He has taught Dru Yoga for thirty years, and assisted in many Dru video projects and trainings in Europe, America, Africa and India. 

    Pauline is a Dru Yoga teacher trainer, yoga therapist and meditation teacher. She has been teaching meditation and pranayama to students for 13 years. She is passionate about empowering students to believe in themselves, to uncover their inner teacher and guiding them to achieve their teaching qualification. As a social work manager in a stressful environment, Pauline has found meditation to be an anchor of stillness and calm in her own life, a very practical tool to cope with the stress of modern life, as well as the means to a deeper discovery of one's own self and inner world.  

    Imogen’s discovery of Dru led her to realisation that the peace, calm and joy she was seeking was already there - she just needed to know how to connect. She has hugely enjoyed her role on the support and teaching team in the two most recent Meditation Teacher Training courses in North Wales. She loves to share the knowledge and practices she’s learned through Dru that enable her to live the life she loves and love the life she lives. 

    Paul Krystall is the founder of Watamu Treehouse – a retreat centre on the Kenya Coast – where he teaches Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation.  His business background gives him first-hand experience of the benefits of a regular yoga and meditation practice. He has led adventure retreats for decades, and knows that one’s connection with the natural world is essential for cultivating strength and stability within oneself. He has observed the direct link between the health and stillness that comes from a regular practice and the ability to manifest one’s dreams. 

    Tangye Braund

    Without a doubt this course gave me marvellous tools and techniques to help me meditate. And I am sure this has encouraged me to become a stronger, more compassionate person. My immediate response was, "Now I feel whole". But the benefits have not only been for myself, it has been so rewarding teaching and sharing this knowledge to support others ride the ups and downs of everyday life. And believe me – there seems to be many who need help right now.

    The peace of mind I gained will last a lifetime. The fun, thirst for learning and feeling totally nourished continues. The joy that I shared with others many years ago transcends time and place and I am still meditating with those dear friends I met on the course.

    Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. It's the most perfect opportunity to experience deep truth and connect in such a profound way.

    Course manuals

    Enjoy beautifully illustrated in-depth course manuals to help your learning.

    Dr Gaynor Sharp
    Education Consultant

    Before the Dru meditation course, I was a reluctant meditator. But, the Dru Meditation teachers had a profoundly beautiful effect on my life. The meditation tools introduced in the course were both accessible and impactful over time. I now have a really excellent, daily meditation practice that has become an integral part of my life. I have found exquisite peace and stillness that is very special.

    The Dru Meditation teachers were extremely supportive and patiently supported and eased me into the meditation practices that I really love.

    James Taylor

    Psychotherapist, Dru Meditation & Wing Chun Teacher

    The Dru Meditation course gave me an illuminating experience of being, in which I gained a more profound and holistic awareness of myself and the world around me.

    As we were introduced to the Koshas or layers of our being, we were taught relaxation, concentration and meditation practices to enable our ability to discern and develop ourselves.

    My learning was facilitated by accomplished and compassionate teachers who inspired me to continue and deepen my learning. I was also helped by the clear structure of the Dru Meditation process which offers a clear form for exploring the inner life and then how it might be applied to our lived lives. Since I qualified, I have committed thousands of hours to my own practice, to teaching Dru Meditation and to undertaking numerous further Dru trainings. The knowledge within the Dru community is so rich, I will grow old learning from it.

    My overwhelming feeling is one of gratitude for the course; as the years have unfolded I have become more and more aware of the quality and depth of what I have been given. I warmly commend this training to you.

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