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Andrew Wells

Discovering your Inner Sovereign


In this meditation, Andrew guides you into an experience of light, the light of your own greatness. 

When we touch the reality of this light, which we all have within, it's possible to add enormously to the welfare of others. 

Join Andrew in using that light to add empowerment to the onward journey of the soul we honour as Queen Elizabeth, and then go on to invite that same light to brighten the lives of all who are focused on her life at the moment. 


Global Ambassador of Light - optional pre-course meditations


Discover the power of connectedness. Join Andrew Wells & Annie Jones in a series of preparation meditations for the Global Ambassador of Light training on 11 June. These profound techniques take you on a journey through the world of prana, in all its aspects! Discover the prana of self-love, of connecting, of resting in the still lake of life, and of healing and vitality. Eventually, walk through the doorway of the diamond point of radiance within.


Fortnight for Light on Earth - thanks!


Thank you for your meditations for peace!

In this time when the earth seems to be spinning into a new phase of uncertainty, join Andrew for a few moments of thanks for your love, as well as a beautiful description of how your Inner Wisdom will always guide you to actions that are inherently fulfilling. 

We are celebrating our meditations for peace near the culmination of the Fortnight for Light on Earth



APD - Manomaya Kosha


Specially for students of the Advanced Practitioner Diploma, join Andrew for a quick overview of how to access the Manomaya Kosha - especially after accessing the Pranamaya Kosha. 

And while we're at it, here's some thoughts on the Chakra Chart.

Any questions?  Please put them in your tutorial group's WhatsApp chat, or send them to We're here to support you!


World Peace Flame Meditation for the Ukraine


Join Andrew in the World Peace Flame meditation, with the important addition of building bridges of love to form a matrix of light before you start. Now your individual meditation can arise from a much larger feeling of connectedness and support. 

In a world that needs love, you are such an important part of the answer!


Global Ambassadors of Light - meditation for Ukraine


When world leaders are even daring to mention their nuclear weapons, everything changes. 

This meditation is for you to start on the Global Ambassadors of Light process, right now, joining your Inner Teacher with the Inner Teacher of every human being. This process enables you to become a living, pulsing presence of light and compassion and harmony, adding to the global web of light in a tangible, potent way. 

Thank you for all you are doing for our planet!


Spirituality Sangha L2 - preparation for Topup 3


Our Third Top-up is only a couple of weeks away, and so here's a gentle summary meditation to help you prepare!

In this meditation, Andrew reminds you of the Four Petals, and shows you how to incorporate them into your meditation with the upward and downward forces - leading to a place of great beauty and connection with your Inner Teacher. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in our Tutorial groups next Tuesday and Wednesday (Feb 1st/2nd) and Topup on Sunday Feb 13th. May you have a lot of fun with your Inner Teacher until then!



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