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How was your Summer?


What were the highlights of your summer?

Remembering our highlight moments does more than just give us a buzz. It actually plugs us back into the reality of who we are, giving us a boost that's way, way more than just a few chemicals.

How does this work? Let's explore!


The Mountain Stream analogy - the greatest route to self nourishment


Mansukh's, father Chagganbhai Patel, (we call him 'Dad' in the Dru team), was fond of the visualisation of a mountain as a way of understanding the path to spiritual connection.

There are many rivers on this mountain, many paths to expressing our spirituality. And all of them teach us ways to discover our Self, the origin of all self nurture. 

Here Andrew explores a way of understanding how to arrive at the greatest experience of self nuture - real connection with your inner Self, using the analogy of a mountain stream. 


Why is relaxation crucial for good meditation?

When life feels like it's opening up again we sooo need to keep in touch with who we are and where we're going. For that we'll need meditation, and for that we'll need relaxation! With good relaxation we can access the deep stillness in which we know our purpose, in which we know what's important and how much we love our friends and family.
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Why do people use relaxation to boost their positive emotions?

Andrew introduces how relaxation can not only transform uncomfortable emotions, from months upon months in lockdown, it can help you cultivate the brilliant emotions that make people want to hang out with you. Joyfulness, love, stillness, and deep connection.
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Spirituality Sangha - Happy Valentine's Day!


Happy Valentine's Day!

With the greatest love to all of you in the Spirituality Sangha, thanks for being truly amazing!

You've expressed your spirituality in so many ways, and have established a foundation that will last a lifetime. The progress you have made in the last 10 months is remarkable, and you deserve a great big pat on the back. Or the heart!



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