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CD cover and CD for Akasha - Music for inner stillness


Jane Saraswati Clapham and Greg Carlin

Subtle ambient music for meditation, relaxation or yoga featuring music that helps you reach a space of deep stillness.

Enjoy an uplifting Morning Raga to awaken you to the day with a relaxed, clear state of mind while the Evening Raga brings serenity to the end of your day so you can have a replenishing sleep.

Music for nourishment and nurture, Akasha is like a soothing balm for the spirit. It uses ragas - complex arrays of melodic structures with musical motifs - to "colour your mind" and influence your emotions. 

Akasha offers two inspiring ragas, both carefully crafted to take you into inner stillness, and to ease your mind and spirit.

The melodies are loosely based on:
1) Raga Bhairav (in Hindu mythology, the first raga, designed to be played in the morning); and
2) Bhupali  (an ancient raga based on the pentatonic scale). 

Both tracks feature haunting vocals, tanpura, acoustic guitar, resonator guitar and keyboards.

Track 1: Morning Raga 21:41 minutes.
A morning melody that will leave you feeling clear and focussed. Ideal preparation for meditation, or for just for waking. The morning raga will help you start your day fired up and ready to meet any challenges with equanimity. 

Track 2: Evening Raga 21:34 minutes.
Uplifting yet gentle, guaranteed to help you relax at the end of the day, set worries aside, and slide easily into sleep. A blissful track for dropping into slumber, that may even bring you sweet dreams.

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