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Yoga Music - Elements CD


Jolanda Yonker and Joris Vincken

Music made in heaven for relaxation, yoga and meditation. Be transported!

Featuring tracks to inspire gentle movement from a state of focussed inner peace; followed by music to draw you deep into relaxation or meditation.

The perfect playlist for a complete yoga class or home practice session, Elements features hauntingly beautiful music which will get you moving from a state of focussed inner peace, and then draw you deep into meditation, or profound relaxation.

It’s the perfect way to nourish yourself or your students.

This album features two tracks for stretches and flowing yoga sequences, and two for relaxation and meditation.

Gentle movement 6:12

Feel the flow 8:45

The space within 26:01

Journey to your heart 28:54

Music Jolanda Jonker & Joris Vincken

Recording Joris Vincken

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