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Health & harmony with EBR 1

Yoga Class - Health and Harmony EBR 1 CD

Health & harmony with EBR 1

Padma McIntyre

Discover why senior International Dru Yoga Teacher Padma McIntyre is so passionate about the power of movement, with a programme that will relieve tension and emotional blocks, leaving you feeling calm and clear.

Drawing on her many years of experience in teaching creative dance and yoga, senior International Dru Yoga Teacher Padma McIntyre invites you to share her enthusiasm and passion for movement.

Learn how to make Dru Yoga part of your lifestyle, as you explore this home programme at your own pace and discover the richness and depth within each of the practices.

Dru’s gentle Energy Block Release (EBR) movements subtly work the muscles and joints, releasing stuck energy and allowing it to flow freely through the body, and back out into the world.

They assist with detoxification at every level, paving the way for self-transformation.

EBR 1, the foundation EBR, incorporates the full range of movements the body needs to stay healthy and fit.

It is proven to clear stress by relieving physical tension and emotional blocks, and creating a calm, clear mind.

  1. Introduction
  2. Activations
  3. Standing Meditation
  4. Energy Block Release Sequence 1
  5. Paschimottanasana _ Sitting Forward Bends
  6. Deep Relaxation

Lotus Mudra


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