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Pure Sound - toning and mantra exercises

Sound exercises -Pure Sound CD

Pure Sound - toning and mantra exercises

Yamuna Loyal

Mantras are power tools for transformation.

Chanting invokes the use of these sacred sounds to promote healing, release blocked energy and accelerate spiritual growth. Toning is learning to use your voice as a pure instrument. Learn to use the incredible power of sounds to stimulate and uplift your entire system.

The potency of sacred mantras is undeniable: these “power tools” can help transform your life as they dissolve emotional and spiritual blocks, centre and balance your entire being and help align your awareness with your true God-nature.

However, mantras are most effective when voiced with heart and resonance. By learning to use your voice as a pure instrument - Toning – you can accelerate the transformative potential of these power tools.

Drawing on her years of sound and toning experience, senior Dru teacher Yamuna Loyal will guide you through a practice designed to teach you how to transform your voice into an instrument of great purity. Learn to use basic tones - elongated vowel sounds - to stimulate and elevate your entire system. Then discover how to harness individual mantras for transformation.

Rearrange and harmonise your cells with Pure Sound on CD or MP3.


1.    Introduction

2.    Ugh oh aye aah eeh ooh x 3 guided through chakras

3.    Ugh oh aye aah eeh ooh x 3

4.    Ugh oh aye aah eeh ooh x 7

5.    Ooh eeh ooh

6.    Ah oh ooh aye eeh

7.    Sa ray ga ma pa da ni sa


8.    Introduction

9.    Ganesh – Clearing Obstacles

10. Shiva – Power & Energy

11. Laxmi – Abundance & Prosperity

12. Vene Sancte Spiritus – Wholeness

13. Saraswati – Creativity & Wisdom

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