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Total Health with EBR 2

Yoga Class - Total health EBR 2

Total Health with EBR 2

Louise Rowan

A complete yoga class on MP3 or CD featuring Dru Yoga's powerful second Energy Block Release sequence (EBR2).

This yoga program gives you a synthesis of flowing sequences, energy block release movements, mudras (hand gestures), visualisation, relaxation and meditation.

EBR2 is a comprehensive workout for the whole body. Whether you are preparing for an exam, for a run or to keep fit, it is a great and easy all-in-one solution!

This series of movements is specifically linked together to move down the whole body, systematically unlocking it from head to toe.

The is a program that will stretch, relax and empower you on every level and completes with a profoundly deep relaxation to help you release emotional, as well as physical tension.

Dru’s gentle Energy Block Release (EBR) movements subtly work the muscles and joints, releasing stuck energy and allowing it to flow freely through the body, and back out into the world.

They assist with detoxification at every level, paving the way for self-transformation. 

In addition to releasing energy blocks, it includes stretching and strengthening exercises as well as a variety of asanas (yoga postures). This makes your practice very economical.

With its emphasis on soft, flowing movements, this guided Dru Yoga program helps increase energy levels, ease back pain, and wash away stress.

On this yoga program Louise Rowan gives you:

  • Activation
  • Energy Block Release 2, parts 1 and 2
  • A profound guided deep relaxation
  • Gesture of Peace

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