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Yoga Music - Vayu CD


Jolanda Jonker and Joris Vincken

Like soaking in a healing sound bath of pure bliss, Vayu will help you find stillness in a fast-moving world.

Filled with the celestial sounds of flute, bansuri and tempura, this album sets the perfect background for meditation or for a soothing yoga class.

The haunting sounds promote a sense of profound ease and help you to release stress and concerns, leaving you feeling deeply at peace and with a warm inner glow.

Sound healing has been recognised as a tool for transformation and healing since ancient times.

Greek physicians used flutes, lyres, and zithers to promote healing. Aristotle (373–323 BCE) celebrated the flute’s ability to soothe emotions and purify the heart.

Ancient yogis used celestial music to awaken the soul. In fact, music therapy has been used in many cultures and traditions for thousands of years.

In keeping with ancient tradition and practice, the healing sounds of artistes extraordinaire Jolanda Jonker and Joris Vincken hark back to those ancient times when mystical instruments were used to remedy illness and revive the spirit.

Their carefully crafted music will take you from your normal “Beta Brain Wave Patterns” - those associated with concentration, anxiety and flight or fight reflexes - to the calmer “Alpha”, “Theta” and “Delta” brain waves frequencies, promoting profound relaxation or deep meditation.

Track 1: Flute and tampura 27:51
Track 2: Bansuri and tampura 38:24

Music: Jolanda Jonker & Joris Vincken
Recording: Joris Vincken

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