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Dru Yoga Techniques for Men

Dru yoga techniques for men

Dru Yoga Techniques for Men

John Jones and Mansukh Patel

Primarily designed for men, but empowering for everyone, this DVD brings you13 powerful techniques that help to create stillness and focus through out the day. A perfect antidote to today's stressful and busy world you can choose to do each section as a complete daily health routine or choose individual techniques to suit your immediate needs.

Content and practices

Series 1- Vitality and Creativity (28mins)

  • Vajra (thunderbolt) sequence
  • Salutation to space (Dru breath)
  • Sun sequnece
  • Shanti mudra (hand gesture)
  • Nature, light & Dru Yoga

Series 2- Inner Strength (31mins)

  • Dru star breath
  • Liver and nervous system energisation sequence
  • Bhima sequence
  • Shanti mudra

Series 3- Dynamism & Inner Peace

  • Dynamic breath
  • Warrior sequence
  • Liver detox breath
  • Bramacharya breath
  • Shoulder pain relase
  • Nadi shodana (alternate nostril breathing)
  • Shanti mudra
  • Men & yoga- changing attitudes

Running time: 86mins

Filmed in the Byron Shire, Australia

PAL DVD 4:3 all regions


Running time: