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Kari van Eden
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I love sharing the amazing experience of yoga with people who are looking for a way to improve their flexibility, strength and mental well-being so that they get more from their body and mind. 20 years of yoga practice & being fascinated how yoga heals, transforms and helps each one of us to find a better way of being and connecting with ourselves and others led me to teaching others how to enjoy yoga too.

Friendly, flowing yoga that beginners can easily find their way into. We emphasise working with your body and respecting its limits so the gentle yoga moves can release tension, stretch and bring a sense of ease and well-being to your body and mind. Resting, rejuvenating & relaxing.


Kari van Eden
Class Name
Discover what the Chakras are.
Find out what, where and how these energy vortexes are and affect you.
nr Raglan
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