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  • registration open till 13 Jan
    Dru Yoga workshop in the Midlands This 'mini retreat' is the perfect way to tailor your yoga practice in line with your astrological birth... more
  • Dru Meditation class  
    registration open till 18 Feb
    Starting on 16 March 2018, register here for the Dru Yoga Pre-natal post graduate course in Snowdonia Expand your knowledge, learn how to teach... more
    registration open till 30 Mar
    The Radiant Heart - the new EBR8 It is the teacher's responsibility to juggle many different students in the same class and in this CPD workshop... more
  • Dru Meditation class  
    registration open till 16 Jun
    Saturday 16 June 2018 - Dru Yoga and Meditation post graduate masterclass in Cornwall, South West Expand your knowledge, delve deeper into the... more