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Mickey Baliakas
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My name is Mickey and I have been teaching Dru for 15 years now.
I had been teaching Power yoga and Hatha yoga when a Dru teacher visited my island and I attended her workshop and I was hooked. I fell in love with its versitility as Dru can be practised by people of all fitness levels and abilities.

“Wisdom requires a flexible mind.” ―Dan Carlin

I often hear, 'I am not flexible enough to do yoga!', and I always reply 'that's exactly why you should do yoga'.
Flexibility isn't limited to just the physical, a flexible mind will make you stronger !
Dru addresses this issue with flowing sequences and visualisations.

I sincerely believe that there is a yoga style and teacher for everyone on the planet. You just have to find yours. And that doesn't mean you are restricted to one style or one teacher !!

My classes are fun and I like to create a relaxed atmosphere as I believe smiling and laughing are crucial to a healthy life style. I consider a class successful if every student leaves relaxed, a radiant smile on their face and feeling good about themselves.
Adapting every class to include all my students whatever their ability is a challenge I rise to.

In the Summer I offer regular evening classes on the beach and mornings on an open yoga terrace. Also private one to one sessions at villas or hotel accommodations (by the pool or on the balcony).
In the winter I offer a class in a warm community hall, and private one to one sessions in students homes.


Mickey Baliakas
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Yoga in Pyrgos
Friendly, local class. Addressing different issues weekly.
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