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Corinna Whitehead
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Gillingham Dorset United Kingdom

I have worked in care and education for almost twenty years and I'm currently teaching ceramics to adults with brain injuries. I love swimming in the sea and going for long walks with my husband and our dog. I also love travelling abroad to experience diverse cultures and art.

I am a vegan who enjoys creating new recipes and sharing meals with friends and family.

Dru yoga found me and it has transformed my life. It helps me to be more positive and encourages me to be aware of each precious moment. It has improved my mobility allowing me to become more agile and fit. I feel empowered, uplifted and strong. I have found an inner strength that I didn't even know I had, it's so liberating. It really does have so many wonderful benefits. That's why I love sharing and teaching Dru yoga.

About my classes...

My classes are fun and inclusive and cater for all abilities. Each session starts with fun activations to music to warm the body up, followed by soft flowing postures and sequences that are set firmly within ancient yogic traditions and are designed to release stress and tension from the body and strengthen core stability. Everyone is encouraged to work within their own capabilities; you are invited to work gracefully or dynamically, it is up to you and how you are feeling. Breathing and visualisation techniques are included and help to enhance a feeling of positivity and empowerment. Every session finishes with a beautiful relaxation that relaxes and revitalizes the whole of the mind, body and soul. If you would like more information about times and venues please contact corinnawhitehead@outlook.com. Many Thanks


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