Jane Bennett, Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Penguin Tasmania Australia

Jane Bennett
Dru Yoga and / or Meditation teacher in Penguin Tasmania Australia

I wouldn't be the same without belonging to the world-wide unique family of Dru. I have found physical, energetic and spiritual health, healing and joy in teaching and studying Dru Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation, and in attending Dru Dance and Dru Sound modules. Dru Tutors, students and practices inspire me to share these precious life skills with others, by teaching Dru classes. Having received such gifts, I love to share them with others!

About my classes...

Dru Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation create health, well-being and renewal for people who come to my classes. I offer visualisations and affirmations for people to individualise, which assists mental and emotional positive changes. People in my classes develop more and more happiness and connection with each other, as well as unique ways to incorporate Dru breathing, yoga, relaxing or meditating practices into their daily lives. These changes then ripple out to others, ultimately lifting all of humanity into a brighter place.






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Dru to Renew

Dru Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation all combine for maximum health and self-healing. Doing Dru is a gift to yourself and others.

jane.bennett@iinet.net.au 415339560 Penguin 7316 TAS 31 December, 2021