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200hr Yoga Teacher Training

Next Course Starts November 13th 2022

Train as a Dru Yoga Teacher and share this highly adaptive yoga with others in your community.

You are welcome to join our course whether you are a seasoned practitioner or a keen beginner, whether you know you want to teach yoga or you just want to immerse yourself in a year of yoga.

Study from anywhere in the world

Our live training days take place in London but can also be attended via Zoom

12-month course starts November 13th
Foundation 6-day course starts November 13th

Why Train with Dru Yoga?

Dru Yoga is enormously adaptable. It enables you to teach everyone in your community from those with mobility and pain challenges to those engaging in elite sports.

Dru Yoga is so adaptable that as a Dru Yoga teacher you will be able to work in any setting—from the NHS and government to your local yoga studios and community centres, schools, workplaces and elite sports. We teach you how to structure and run your classes for different bodies and intentions.

  • Our training gives you the skills to plan and teach classes for everyone in your community.
  • We've been established for over 40 years

  • We’ve trained over 4,000 Dru Yoga teachers

  • Our teachers work in all kinds of settings, with many different specialities - from social prescribing to elite sports

  • We are one of the largest yoga organisations. 

  • You’ll become a Yoga Alliance Registered 200 hour qualified teacher

  • Your certification will be recognised by national and international yoga organisations

  • Benefit from career development opportunities with programmes in Prenatal, Kids & Teens, Yoga Therapy and Back Care & Mental Wellbeing.

  • As a Dru Yoga teacher you’ll be helping people to reduce stress, improve back pain, prevent injuries and transform negative thinking and disempowering emotions.

There has never been a greater need for yoga in today’s world.
With Dru you are choosing to impact yourself, other people and the planet.

The Learning Experience

Your 12-month journey to becoming a 200 hr yoga teacher

A comprehensive, in-depth syllabus across live online, self-paced online and in-person study.

  • 9 live study days in central London or attend via Zoom.
  • Weekly self-guided online 2hr video study sessions.
  • Online course content completed where and when it suits you.
  • Learn from multi-disciplinary yoga experts.
  • Learn yoga postures and sequences rooted in ancient practice as well as up-to-date practices from neuroscience, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and anthropology.
  • Study over 12 months so you can fit study around work and home life.

  • 12 live online study days.
  • Study manuals that are easy to follow. These will become tools for your whole yoga teaching journey!
  • Free access to the online Dru Yoga studio featuring recorded Dru Yoga classes.
  • Combines the best of Western science with ancient wisdom.
  • Receive a bonus module on your training: Functional Medicine.
  • Qualify as a 200-hour yoga teacher in one year.

Transforming the world one posture at a time!

As we celebrate 44 amazing years, we are proud of how our Dru Yoga teachers have grown their transformational communities around the world. 

We take yoga off the mat and give back to the world. 

As a Dru Yoga teacher, you will be able to work in any setting—from the NHS and government to schools, workplaces and elite sports.

Course Details

Join thousands of Dru Yoga teachers who have created transformational communities around the world. 

  • Graduate as a 200-hour yoga teacher in one year
  • Or choose to only do the Foundation course (first 6 course days)
  • Learn from multi-disciplinary yoga experts 
  • Study in segments so it fits into your lifestyle 

Course materials

When you start your Dru Yoga Teacher Training you will receive access to beautifully
illustrated in-depth course manuals to support your learning. These will become
valuable tools throughout your teaching journey.

Bonus Materials

Functional Medicine 

Learn extra with 6 sessions providing background knowledge and understanding of chronic disease


Get access to 6 marketing sessions with tips on how to kick-start your yoga business, online and in-person

Extensive video library

Enjoy membership to the Dru Yoga Online Studio for the whole duration of your yoga teacher training


Gain access to a private Dru Yoga Teacher’s Facebook group for peer support and be with like-minded people

Meet the tutors

Gülcan Malik

Gülcan is a Yoga and Meditation teacher with over 18 years experience of teaching and is a Senior Tutor with the international Dru Yoga organization currently leading the Teacher Training Courses in London
She has further qualifications from the British Wheel of Yoga, including yoga for cancer, restorative yoga, yoga for back care, pregnancy yoga and yoga for children. She has taught Yoga to Barnet football club players as well as London Broncos rugby team.
Her teaching style is influenced by her experience of Dru Yoga and Meditation, Ashtanga Yoga, Tai Chi, and Feldenkrais. 
Gülcan is passionate about applying ancient wisdom of yogic scriptures and yogic principles to enhance all areas of life. She has an understanding of the science of yoga as applied to health and healing and an understanding of the energy bodies and how to activate and balance them, to enable vitality and wellbeing at a physical, emotional and energetic level.
Gülcan’s primary aim and intention is to inspire others to find a healthier, happier and more empowered way of living.

Amy Brooks

I am a well-being warrior; we live in turbulent times and I believe that our inner peace is our anchor. I run a company called The Missing Peace, to help people unlock the magic that is inside of them. I am a yoga and meditation teacher, and a holistic therapist, and I am passionate about guiding people back to their inner wisdom and amazing uniqueness. I have studied spirituality for many years, and will forever be a student. I split my time working with children in primary schools and working with adults 1-2-1. I also run weekly online yoga and relaxation sessions, and regular workshops.

Visit for full details.

Yvonne Mowles

Hi I’m Yvonne (aka Eve). I have been working in the NHS for over 35 years and discovered yoga later on in life. I completed my Teacher training course and meditation teacher training course over the Covid years which changed my life as I then flexi-retired so I could teach Dru yoga and meditation and be a support tutor to enable others to find purpose and joy in an ever-changing world.

Michèle Patart

Michèle discovered Dru yoga by chance. After the birth of her first daughter, she was looking for a postnatal yoga class which happened to be a Dru class.

By the end of the first class, she was hooked. The overall impact on her mental and physical wellbeing was such that she decided to train as a Dru yoga and meditation teacher to share its benefits with others. She is passionate about using yoga to cultivate mental wellness and making yoga accessible to all, regardless of age and abilities.

In 2018, she founded Treelight Yoga and has been teaching groups, 1:1, in schools and nurseries, helping students of all ages feel calmer, more confident and comfortable in their own skin.  As part of the Dru team, she has been supporting teacher trainings since 2020 with her down-to-earth, accessible and relatable way of teaching.

Evi Op de Beeck

Trained as a medical doctor, Evi has embraced a yogic lifestyle for the last 21 years and is a senior Dru Yoga and Meditation teacher. Her business experience has given her many opportunities to bring yoga off-the-mat. As a certified Functional Medicine practitioner, she highly values yogic attitude to gain and maintain health and wellbeing. She has a great passion for the Bhagavad Gita and shares her love for music by singing ancient mantras with people in traditional and modern ways alike.

Teach one of the world's leading styles of yoga. You will be able to work alongside health experts, in the workplace and schools.

Develop your career with our extensive postgraduate CPD training programmes—with a wide choice of areas to specialise in.

Learn from our multi-disciplinary team of teachers and specialists—combine the best of Western science with ancient wisdom.

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Career development with Dru Yoga Teacher Training

With Dru training, you can take your passion all the way—offering specialised programmes to targeted clients. Be unique, authentic and true to yourself.

Whatever your yoga ambitions, you’ll find that Dru Yoga is an empowering, energising and balancing approach to vitality, health and well-being.

Further training after your 200-hour YTT will help you understand, access and apply yoga’s deep and profound benefits for yourself and your clients.

Dru’s multi-disciplinary teams have been crafting such programmes for over 40 years: combining yoga postures and sequences rooted in ancient practice with the most up-to-date practices from neuroscience, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and anthropology.

We now offer a wide range of specialities from Prenatal and Kids & Teens to Yoga Therapy and Back Care & Mental Wellbeing.

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Wednesday 2 November

6:30pm - 8pm

Friday 4 November

6:30pm - 8pm

Wednesday 9 November

6:30pm - 8pm

What people say...

Raymond Niemeyer

Dru Yoga has changed my life and my perspective about movement. The course has given me the strength and beauty of moving in a different way and I apply all this beautiful work to my clients as a physiotherapist. 

Liz Winchurch
Dru Yoga teacher

When I started the course I was quite anxious, stressed and exhausted. By the end I had become a different person, connecting to deeper parts of myself and becoming a lot more compassionate towards myself and others. 

Karen Neal

The tutors here have inspired me to share the insights I have gained throughout the course, which have been to manage my fibromyalgia and to live with less pain and fatigue. I know I’ll be able to share my story to help and inspire others.

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