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Dru Meditation Course Format

Peaceful Dru meditation - John Jones

John Jones

Co-founder of Dru

Dru Meditation online course format

What do I receive?

For 9 months, you’ll receive monthly emails containing a fascinating 4-week guide to applied meditation. Each week is a step-by-easy-step addition to the previous week. 

You’ll receive many meditations, plus movement and breathing techniques. The course manuals are widely enhanced with stories, quotes and full colour pictures which we know you’ll find inspiring, fun and at times hilarious.

Meditation is meant to be enjoyable!

Downloads – audio and print

You’ll also receive links for:

Woman studying on laptop in nature


  • Audio downloads of many of the meditations, designed to support the course manuals. You can use these guided meditations as they are or learn them so you can meditate even when you’ve forgotten your mp3 player!
  • Print-resolution versions of your course material, so you can print them at full quality. You’ll probably want to do this, because many of the pictures are stunning!

How much time will it take

Each week gives you a suggested set of techniques that could take you 10 minutes or 20 minutes each day. This suggested ‘meditation practice’ includes movement, breathing, relaxation and sitting.

Most people doing the course would probably spend between 10 and 20 minutes 3 to 5 times a week. Many would do more once they discover how beneficial it can be for their feelings of wellbeing. Of course, you are free to do as little or as much as you want.

Should I do the online Course or the teacher training course

Do the Dru Meditation online course if you want to:

  • establish a regular meditation practice
  • use applied meditation techniques to become more successful in areas of your life like relaxing at will, managing stress, achieving your goals, improving your relationships, boosting your mind power and emotional intelligence
  • as a yoga or meditation teacher, learn a wide range of brilliant techniques to add into your classes.

Do the Dru Meditation teacher training course if you:

The teacher training course sounds more like my thing

  • already have a bit of a meditation practice and would like to become a very, very effective meditator
  • want to become one of the most potent and highly qualified meditation teachers in the country.

We have explored many meditation teacher training scenarios and feel brave enough to make a bold claim here: it is quite possible that outside of joining a monastic tradition, the Dru Meditation teacher training course will take you to just about the most connected and insightful experience of yourself that is possible. 

And it will teach you how to access these remarkably blissful, peaceful and insightful states of awareness in your normal life….


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