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Dru Bhagavad Gita

About the Dru Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita - the timeless manual for successful living and spiritual realisation - contains a detailed set of instructions for overcoming adversity and reaching your fullest potential.

Timeless secrets for success

Cath - Childbirth educator, yoga and meditation teacher


Childbirth educator, yoga & meditation teacher, NSW

I wanted to let you know how much I am loving and learning from the Gita online course. It is such a beautiful way to start the day reading from this source of wisdom and insight. I have been committed to my personal growth for many years and I think this course tops the lot! I find the daily reflections also help me to take the Gita's wisdom into every day life.

As a sourcebook of yoga and meditation, it contains the essential wisdom you need to live a fulfilling life.  It will teach you about your central essence and your magnificent inner potential. It also explores some of the things that can block you in your progress of personal development. And it reveals the main skills you need to identify what’s important in your life, showing you how to make choices so that every action can speed you down the path towards the most desired goal of freedom, fast!

A section of the Mahabharata, the world’s longest - and oldest - epic poem,  the Bhagavad Gita is a dialogue between Arjuna and his mentor, Krishna, on the battlefield of Kurukshetre. Arjuna represents each one of us seeking a more fulfilling and successful life. Krishna represents our inner wisdom, or the still voice of spirit within.

Their conversation is the climax of what could be considered one of the world’s greatest dramas, in which two branches of a family are pitted against each other in a struggle between right and might that will determine the fate of the world.

How the Gita relates to us

Each one of us has this struggle within. Each one of us has Arjuna, the seeker of fulfillment, within. Each one of us has access to the same divine wisdom that Krishna expounds so enduringly upon the battlefield which represents the scene of our own lives.

The characters found throughout the Bhagavad Gita are all aspects of ourselves.


The challenges we have in our lives are all described in the Gita. The struggle between our egos and our inner wisdom are written large upon its pages so we can see our own lives more clearly.

Taking us beyond the cultural and topical content of ancient India, the Bhagavad Gita delivers a universal message relevant for each of us in our lives.  It shows us that the way we deal with our minds and emotions reflects in our thoughts, attitudes and outward conduct and teaches practical methods for dealing with the anger, grief and frustrations that can torment us just as they have all human beings since pre-history.


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Thank you for the wonderful Dru Gita which I have been reading daily ever since you gave it to me. It is very well written. Practically every day it brings me closer to the divine, and to the divine within me. 
The amazing thing is that (as a Jew) my connection to God is strengthened through reading the Gita with its daily tips which are easily applied within any faith or system of beliefs. It is a fabulous interpretation that you guys have given to the world. Thank you for this wonderful tool.


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Dru Bhagavad Gita - helping you connect with your inner perfection

The lessons of the Bhagavad Gita are simple but effective

  • You have an inner perfection that you can connect with. 
  • What you think about/focus on is what you’ll experience/create in your life.
  • Attachment to anything in the world of material experience leads you away from this perfection.
  • You are the result of your past actions and choices, and therefore can liberate your life by choosing actions now that will take you where you want to be in the future.

The Dru Bhagavad Gita is one of the most profound renditions of the Gita. It not only includes translations of the traditional Sanskrit text and suggested meanings, it provides a framework for the Gita’s guidance with inspirational teaching stories from the Mahabarat. It also gives you daily practical applications to the verses. With its in-depth guidance about how to make skilful choices, the Dru Bhagavad Gita gives you techniques to identify at a glance those things that will be most helpful to you.

The way of perfection is made practical, real and attainable so that you can find your way to your highest.


We know you will thoroughly enjoy your journey with the Dru Bhagavad Gita!


You can explore the amazing wisdom of the Dru Bhagavad Gita in different ways

Find your way to your highest with Dru Bhagavad Gita books, eBooks and DVDs, and the online Bhagavad Gita Self-Mastery Course.

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