Dru Meditation Training Prerequisites

Dru Meditation Teacher Training course prerequisites





What will I need to learn before the course?

You will need to be familiar with the basic Dru Yoga and Meditation techniques from those retreats. These include:

  • knowledge of the chakras and subtle energy systems
  • working knowledge of Energy Block Release sequences 1, 2 & 3 and other Dru Yoga sequences
  • experience of the Prana Kriya techniques
  • good knowledge of the vertical alignment, blue mist and other techniques taught on the preparatory retreats
  • an established daily meditation practice

Please email us for more information on upcoming meditation events or check out our events page. You may have already done one or more of our meditation events around Australia so that may contribute to these prerequisites - please ask us if they do.

Australia is a large country, and if you are unable to meet all of these criteria we will help you tailor individual solutions.

See the upcoming courses page for information on the current and/or next meditation course.


Fulfilled the requirements?







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