Dru events in Australasia

Workshops and tasters

Post grad & advanced - Aus & NZ

  • registration open till 16 Jul
    These classes are designed for Dru Yoga Graduates, support team for the Dru Yoga Teacher Training courses and experienced Dru Yoga students. Four 1.... more

Teacher training courses

  • registration open till 31 Oct
    Meditation Teacher Training courses in Australasia Whether you want to teach or just learn to meditate effortlessly for yourself, Dru Meditation... more
  • Dru Yoga Training in Adelaide 2018
    26 July, 2018. Adelaide
    South Aussies and Adelaidians! Whatever your yoga ambitions, you’ll find the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course to be an empowering, energising and... more
  • Welcome to Nelson, New Zealand! Whether you plan to teach yoga, want to establish an effective practice for yourself at home or would like to enhance... more