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Dru Dance teacher training

Dru Dance teacher training

Dru Dance teacher training

Diversify your classes with fun, enlivening and potent Dru Dance sequences. Experience the true power behind the flow of Dru and learn to teach others to do the same. 



Learn to teach Dru Dance

Dru Dance - Lord of the Dance pose

Dru Dance

Bring something different, fun and exhilarating to your yoga classes

Learning to teach Dru Dance is a great way to rejuvenate yourself and your teaching and gain a deeper understanding of postures. Not to mention it offers your students something new and really fun!


You'll learn

  • the essential principles of Dru Dance
  • classical yoga asanas
  • Dru Dance sequences which include classical asanas
  • body preps, postures and alignment
  • how to teach Dru Dance in classes
  • basic pranayama, chakra work, meditation and relaxation
  • mantra, mudra and yoga philosophy
  • anatomy and physiology


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PR Executive, High Wycombe

I returned home feeling like a different person. Every aspect of the course was beneficial - delicious, healthy vegetarian food coupled with a few days of non stop movements and dance made my body feel great, along with spending time with a lovely group of people. It was empowering!


I see dance being used as communication between body and soul, to express what is too deep to find for words.

Ruth St. Denis

Course fees include:

Included in your course fees are 3 exciting days of Dru Dance sessions. You will learn the appropriate flowins (warm ups and body preps) and cool downs which help to release tension before your relaxation as well as how to teach them and the dance to your students. Course fees also include full board accommodation, course manuals, teaching practice and assessment.




Join a Dru Dance teacher training course today! 

It's fun & invigorating! Why not immerse youself in this stress-busting form of Dru Yoga?


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