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Spiritual Courses

Spiritual Courses

Here at Dru we love to help people feel totally empowered. Sometimes that’s through guiding you to a yoga or meditation retreat or course, but sometimes, it’s all about you and your spiritual growth.

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There’s a whole area of yoga which has only recently been more openly explored here in the West – and that’s our personal spiritual journey. Physical yoga poses on the mat can only take us so far on that journey. Meditation can help us get closer to the bliss-like layer of the Anandamaya kosha, but for some of us we need something extra to help us discover our inner connection to ourselves and the universe around us.

On this page we will explain some of the more advanced spiritual courses that Dru offers. Many of these are by application only and require a certain stability of personal yogic practice before acceptance.

Having said that, if you have a genuine interest in exploring your spiritual journey, please do not hesitate to contact us to explore the viability of the courses and how they may work for you.

Here are a few yogic terms often used on these kinds of courses:

Spiritual growth:

Spiritual growth is the process of letting go of our wrong and outmoded ideas, thoughts, habits and beliefs, and becoming more conscious and aware of our inner self and our connection to something greater than ourselves.

Enlightenment or spiritual liberation (moksha) is a journey to transcend both our suffering and desires and reveal our original true nature - a state of inner awakened consciousness. In this enlightened space where we can experience a sense of deep spiritual peace and connectedness. 

Bhakti or devotional practice is one of the 3 ‘paths of yoga’ outlined in the ancient yogic scriptures. It refers to the loving devotion to a particular god or deity, which can lead to enlightenment. 

A mantra is sacred words, sound or phrases, usually in Sanskrit, (however you can also use a phrase in your own language or other ancient languages such as Aramaic or Latin). Repeated regularly mantras can help calm and focus the mind and emotions. Mantra is a very useful tool in the science of meditation.

Ready to start your spiritual journey?

Contact us to discover more about our Spiritual Courses.

Choosing the right spiritual development course for you

Spiritual courses here at Dru range from afternoon workshops and weekend retreats through to ongoing residential courses at our retreat centre in Snowdonia. Below is a brief summary of our current courses. More courses and retreats are regularly added into our programme, so please do get in touch with us to further explore these kinds of courses.

One off retreats

Dru meditation with hand mudra

Experience profound states of stillness

Yoga, Sadhana & Meditation Retreat

Do you need a complete reset of your body, mind and spirit? If so, then don’t miss this potent retreat where you will deepen your yoga and meditation practice (sadhana) and explore the power of Eastern approaches to health.

  • discover how to effectively deepen your yoga
  • create a powerful and consistent spiritual practice (sadhana) which you can continue at home
  • experience profound states of stillness in meditation
  • supercharge your health with 10 top 'must-do' health tips

Meditation & the Yoga of Devotion Retreat

Empower your yoga, meditation and spirituality and discover the potency of bhakti yoga. On this special retreat you will:

  • take your yoga to deeper level
  • expand your mind with wisdom from the Bhagavad Gita
  • explore mystical vedic practices
  • learn 3 Dru kriyas to accelerate your yoga and meditation
  • enjoy kirtan chanting (sacred sound) to transform consciousness

This retreat is designed to enhance whatever yoga or meditation practice you have, and it will inspire you to more fully embrace your spiritual destiny

New intakes:

The Spirituality of Yoga
This remarkable new event sees the start of a whole new approach to the spirituality of Yoga. Dru's teacher training courses are renowned for exploring the depths of how yoga and meditation techniques really work, exposing the laws of consciousness that have been tried and tested by yoga science across millennia. Now we offer you the opportunity to use these laws to radically enhance your life - with the potential to take your life further than you'd ever believed could be possible. So - are you ready?

Reclaim your authentic self

As women living in an achievement driven society it is increasingly important to slow down, take time to nourish our dreams and to connect to our inner power

This course will open the adventure of spirituality like an exciting new book for you. Outwardly, we'll be exploring spirituality, yoga and meditation on walks within

Snowdonia's glorious mountains. Inwardly, we'll be helping you open new chapters within: unfolding your intrinsic purpose, building connectedness with the natural forces of consciousness, and developing incredible relationships with the people around you.

This course is primarily designed for graduates or senior students of Dru training courses to accelerate you in your discovery of that extra dimension of yoga practice that makes Dru so extraordinary. However, if you have an established spiritual practice and are (preferably) familiar with core Dru yoga and meditation practices then please get in touch (hello@druworldwide.com) to explore if the course would be suitable for you.

Steps to Enlightenment

The Steps to Enlightenment course aims to offer you an 'enlightened' way of living, a path where the experience of enlightened consciousness is available to you in all aspects of your life. Have you experienced moments of true unity and enlightened thinking? Would you like to know how to sustain such moments so that they become a way of being?

The Steps to Enlightenment course offers you deep insight into your higher (or more subtle) levels of consciousness. It provides you with a practical framework and sadhana that empowers you to take advantage of these aspects of your awareness and bring their strengths into your everyday life.

It is aimed at those who are serious in exploring what it might mean to live an enlightened lifestyle, to experience an enlightened consciousness and to live in a state of deep connection with our highest potential or great Self. It is one of the most exciting courses we have ever facilitated.

Ongoing courses:

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Shri Vidya

Knowledge of the supreme goddess

Shri Vidya

This ongoing course explores the deep mystery of the supreme goddess, Shri. Shri is said to represent the very essence of everything in our manifest world and through knowledge (vidya) we can come to understand more deeply our place within this universe.

The Shri Yantra is a mystical diagram of intersecting triangles, lotus petals and circles which has deep symbolic meaning. Throughout the modules of this course, the mysteries of Shri are gradually revealed through a series of meditations, kriyas, mantras and ancient yogic practices such as offering of a flame, rice and flowers to the yantra.

To get the most from this course a regular meditation practice will be given which is ideally practised daily.

Coby Langford Dru Yoga teacher trainer

The Goddess Course:

Reclaim your authentic self through yoga, guided visualisations, mantra and satsang. Throughout the course modules we explore some of the traditional Goddess forms to understand more of what they teach us about ourselves.

As women living in an achievement driven society it is increasingly important to slow down, take time to nourish our dreams and to connect to our inner power. In the ancient world, inner power was represented by different goddesses.

To this day, the yoga tradition honours the many gifts of the divine feminine and helps us reclaim them.

  • be immersed in nurturing Dru Yoga and Meditation practices
  • learn more about some of the goddesses and their powers
  • deeply connect with nature
  • learn sacred rituals to empower your day and change your life

Ready to start your spiritual journey?

Contact us to discover more about our spiritual courses

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