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Dru Yoga, Meditation and more teacher training events

Dru teacher training - yoga, meditation & much more



Enjoying a 'tummy relaxation train' on the Dru Kids & Teens Course

Dru Kids & Teens teacher training course

Postgrade students enjoy being kids again!

Dru teacher training

Make a living doing what you love


On the Dru Yoga and Dru Meditation teacher training courses you'll become a highly skilled yoga and/or meditation teacher, boost your skills as a therapist, excel as a group leader and make great friends along the way. A great new career option! 

You'll be trained to use Dru Yoga for people of all abilities and fitness levels, using flowing movements, controlled breathing and visualisation.

The Dru Meditation teacher training course is a powerful transformational journey that provides you with essential tools to live in a positive and successful way. One of the benefits is that you will develop harmony in yourself and your relationships and, as an effective Dru Meditation teacher your will transfer these lessons to your classes benefitting your students and the wider community.




Deb Ryan - teaching cat posture

Postgrad courses in back care and Dru Therapy

The career path choice is all yours

Postgraduate training

The sky’s the limit for professional development

Our postgraduate training programmes enable you to keep expanding your knowledge with Dru teacher training courses in Dru Yoga Therapy; Dru Yoga Dance; specialised yoga for backs, prenatal yoga, yoga for children and teenagers; advanced meditation; Dru Sound and also nutrition. Diversify your classes with fun, enlivening and potent Dru Dance sequences or work with kids and teenagers. Enhance your professional base with opportunities to support people with their back issues or share the beautiful, nurturing aspects of Dru Yoga with mum's to be. Or perhaps the nutrition path through the Ayurveda Certificate course will be of interest to you. So many ways to deepen your own understanding and so many options to specialise in areas that are of particular interest to you. The world is your oyster!



Want all the benefits of Dru teacher training

But don't want to teach

That's absolutely fine too!

Simply enjoy the journey and the many warm and wonderful friendships you will make on the way. It will be many things - and it will be FUN.

What if I don't plan to teach

Train just for yourself

You may want to do the Dru Yoga and Meditation training just for yourself, gaining from Dru's vast yoga and meditation knowledge and excellent training in group management skills. Around a third of our trainees do the course for personal interest and development. And that's absolutely fine too! Whether you undertake our teacher training course as a career choice, or for yourself, it's likely you'll make some of the warmest, most supportive friendships of your life amongst the many like-minded people you'll meet on the Dru teacher training course. It's the beginning of a wonderful journey. And if you want to try it out first, sample a 'day of training' at one of our taster workshops, or join up for the foundation course before commiting to the teacher training.  Explore and have fun!


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