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Would you like to dive deeper into your Dru experience by discovering what it’s like to be part of a community that lives by yogic principles? Then why not consider a short or long-term stay at one of our centres. You'll have the experience of a lifetime—developing yourself both personally and professionally.

Enjoy a unique live-in programme where you'll explore the four pillars of Dru:  Seva, Sadhana, Satsang and Sangha. This community living and bhakti exploration is open to everyone 18 years or over.

The Pillar of Sadhana

'Sadhana' is the Sanskrit name for a daily spiritual practice. It represents a disciplined exploration of your true self, which can be done by yoga, pranayama, meditation, mantra chanting and even more advanced yogic practices. At Dru we all take time for our personal Sadhana in the morning, but we also highly value communal Sadhana. We come together, mostly evenings, for a ceremony of light. We share meditation and yoga classes, and love frequent music sessions (kirtan) with our amazing harmonium, tabla and guitar players!

The Pillar of Seva

'Seva' is the Sanskrit word for selfless service. Seva, sometimes also referred to as Karma Yoga (the yoga of action) is an excellent way to develop spiritually. It is an expression of our inner love. Ever since our birth as 'Dru' in 1978, our vision has been built on the principle of Seva. It's how we are expressing our mission and developing our presence in the world. Everyone staying at the Dru Centre contributes to the community in some capacity, adding to the whole.

Pillar of Sangha

'Sangha' is a Sanskrit word that means 'association', 'assembly', or 'community.' Dru was created on the 6th of May 1978, when five students from Bangor university decided to stay together and live their life as a Sangha. More than 44 years later this Sangha has grown worldwide and is still one of the most important values in our lives. Besides our communal Sadhana, Seva and Satsangs, we also love going for walks, outdoor activities and little trips in the stunning  surroundings of most of our centres.


'Satsang' is a Sanskrit term that refers to a sharing of truth. Any gathering in which spiritual teachings, reflection and discussion take place with the aim of sparking spiritual insight is called Satsang. At Dru, everyone has the opportunity to participate in Satsang several times a week.

Some of our Satsangs are planned in advance, others happen spontaneously and can be short and very practical. They explore spiritual principles and can be based on teachings from scriptures, such as the Bhagavad Gita, the Bhagavata Purana or the Upanishads.

Different Dru Centres and Teams available to you

Dru Snowdonia

Nant Ffrancon, Snowdonia National Park

Dru Midlands


01902 409164

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01324 820392

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