Health Consultations

Health Consultations

Personal Health Consultations

What are the right foods for you? How can safely and easily detox? What will bring you high vitality fastest?
A personal 1:1 consultation is the best way to cut through the confusion surrounding so many health and wellbeing issues.

You can book to see our Nutrition and Health Consultants at the Dru Centre in Snowdonia, Keith Squires and Annie Jones also practices from Manchester.

Feel empowered
to achieve your
health goals 

A personalised health plan that works with your lifestyle

Nutrition Consultations 

A nutrition and health consultation involves an in-depth analysis of your current and past diet and lifestyle as well as your family health history which reveals specific factors that are influencing your present health situation. In the first consultation, a full case history is taken, so together we can start to recognise patterns and understand the current picture and how it has developed.

Over the next few sessions, we develop a personalised programme addressing your health concerns and tailored to suit your lifestyle. Foods are identified that present a challenge or stress to the system, and exchanged for foods more appropriately matched to the individual. We work with water and oils, recommending supplements only when the body is ready to receive them.

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Shorter consultations (45 mins) are also available where your current health picture is considered and appropriate diet and lifestyle programmes are given.



Imagine that feeling of boundless energy ...

Follow our 6 week Boundless Energy online course to discover more ways to enjoy radiant health!



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