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Welcome to the Dru Online Community...

Dru is a global tribe of thousands of like-minded people meeting regularly through social media, forums and webinars to inspire and uplift each other and our networks. Through each connection on the 'web of light' we are consciously contributing to a global community of empowered people.

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Dru Studio

Finding online yoga classes to perfectly suit you and your mood can sometimes be a challenge - but never fear! The Dru Studio is here!

At the Dru Studio you'll easily find yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and health classes ranging from 5 mins to 75 and everything in between. We've got strong classes, floor work, deeply nurturing and energising classes. The Dru Studio is characterised by Dru's inclusive style which means that every class on the studio is safe, flowing and empowering.

So if you're looking to be healthy, feel energised and feel fantastic after every class (rather than just aiming for that sexy bikini body), we're the perfect solution for you.

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Dru World Wide

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There are many ways for you to engage with us here at Dru Online from our extensive Wellbeing Hub of blogs posts and top yoga tips through to our world-wide social media - creating a web of health and inspiration for you to explore and be part of.

The Wellbeing Hub 

Explore a treasure trove of free Dru techniques and insights – yoga, meditation, ayurveda, nutrition, health and so much more.

Renowned for its depth and mastery, Dru brings you profound techniques that can practised with ease.

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