Dru Dance what people say

Dru Dance what people say

Dru Dance - What people say

Dru Dance is a fusion of yoga and dance moves choreographed to music.

The movement combines both grace and power and focuses on dynamic, flowing movement to create both strength and suppleness. It's stress busting, energetic, fun and addictive!


But why let us tell you that, read about some of our students' experiences below.


Dru Yoga on the beach

Dru Dance on an Australian beach!

What our students say:


Having just experienced a Dru Dance workshop, I feel so empowered! The quality of teaching was excellent, the movement sequences were flowing and graceful, and the rhythms were fun. I thoroughy enjoyed it.
Anouschka, therapist, UK


At the end of the workshop we all felt exhilarated - united in dynamic and creative movement. We just didn't want to stop!
Mouli, designer, Australia



Coby Langford, Dru Yoga teacher training does Dru Power sequence on the beach

Feel strong, graceful,powerful, inspired

Dru Dance is not just for women or for any particular age group. Everyone who takes part feels strong, graceful, powerful, inspired. Don't hesitate, just have a go!
Anne, Dru Yoga teacher, UK


Dru Dance made me feel so powerful and strong within myself, yet at the same time graceful and beautiful. It's a fantastic way to keep fit, healthy and happy! Fabulous!

Laura, Dru Yoga student, Wales



Want to experience Dru Dance for yourself?

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