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Dru nurturing therapies & mentoring

Dru nurturing therapies

Dru nurturing therapies and mentorings are available at the Dru Yoga Centre, Snowdonia Mountain Lodge, in North Wales and at many of the Dru regional centres throughout the UK and abroad. There are many different therapies available, so why not take advantage of your free time on a course or retreat in Wales or simply book yourself in for some nurturing, YOU time, at one of our Dru regional centres. 

The following are available at the Dru Centre in North Wales. Please contact your Dru regional teams for information on therapies offered near you. Click here for Dru Regions contact details >

Dru nurturing therapies and mentoring

Dru holistic therapies, mentoring and personal coaching


Ayurvedic massage >

Indian head massage >

Organic facial therapy & massage >

Back, neck and shoulders massage >

Therapeutic massage >

Swedish body massage >

Hot stones massage >

Thai foot massage >

Foot reflexology >

Consultations and holistic therapies

Ayurveda >

CranioSacral therapy >

Cranial osteopathy >

Bach flower remedies >

Zen Shiatsu >

The Bowen technique >    

Personal programmes

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Coaching >

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Ruth Matthew

dru yoga teacher, aberdeen

I was really delighted to be the recipient of the most wonderful Ayurveda massage while staying at the Lodge. I had travelled for hours from the north-east of Scotland, so my body was tired and I felt very ungrounded. Sandra gave me the most nurturing massage, which allowed me to rest very deeply and to sleep soundly afterwards. It was a little bit of heaven given by a very caring and attentive therapist. The room and the towels were warm and cosy and the smell of the oils divine. I felt very balanced and peaceful the next day. Thank you.

Ayurvedic massage

What are the benefits?

Ayurvedic massage incorporates warm oils and herbs (based on each individual client`s needs) along specific energy points to help restore balance to the body. Benefits of ayurvedic massage include increased vitality, reduced stress and relaxation. It also boosts the immune system, tones skin, deepens relaxation, helps insomnia, rebalances your constitution and relieves aches and pains. 60 mins


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient lifestyle practice which aims to create harmony within the body.  Practised widely in India, it works on the belief that all life forms have a "dosha" - a unique mix of energies known as "vata", "pitta" and "kapha". This is similar to the Western idea of elements - water, fire, earth, and ether. A person's dosha determines the kind of lifestyle that is balancing and healthy for them, including the sorts of food they should eat and the amount and type of exercise they should do. Ayurveda covers a variety of techniques; from detoxification, diet and herbal prescriptions, to yoga, meditation and massage therapy. All are personalised to suit the individual's dosha.


Stress-busting therapies

There are times when stress just catches up with us. The benefits of a nurturing hands-on therapy could be the solution for you.

Indian head massage

Ayurvedic massage with oils (optional). The ideal stress-busting treatment for anyone with tension headaches, aching shoulders, tight necks, eyestrain, insomnia, those suffering from a lack of concentration, or those who just want to relax. A deeply relaxing and pampering upper body massage, which includes scalp, neck & shoulder and face massage. Indian head massage provides a simple and effective means to relax, release tension headaches and stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, which helps rid the body of toxins from tight muscles. The massage involves a seated component focussing on the neck and shoulders as well as a reclined component focussing on the neck, shoulders, face and scalp. For a shorter 30 minute massage you can choose one or both of these options. 30/45/60 mins


Annie Jones enjoying a Dru relaxation

Magnificently relaxing!

Organic facial therapy & massage

Enjoy a complete cleanse and youth-enhancing deep massage treatment; it’s magnificently relaxing with immediate results! Our organic facial therapies use only the best, natural and organic products to completely cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the deeper layers of your skin (the face mask is heaven!) Using organic aromatic oils, deep massage increases blood circulation and drains away the toxins. You’ll feel so relaxed and rejuvenated. Try it! 40 mins


Dru meditation - relax in nature

Enter into a state of deep relaxation!

Back, neck and shoulders massage

Focusing on the back, neck and shoulders, this shorter treatment is ideal for a quick fix. Using a wide variety of massage techniques (including trigger points and gentle stretching and mobilisation) this massage aims to deeply relax tension from tight muscles, effectively relieve stress and help reduce pain. 30 mins



Book at reception .....

Make use of your free times on a course or retreat and book yourself in for an amazing, nurturing therapy or take advantage of the mentoring and personal coaching offered by our very experienced Dru team.

Therapeutic massage

Therapeutic holistic massage is a deeply relaxing experience using the finest of oil blends and tailored to your individual needs. Based on Swedish and deep tissue techniques, this massage improves circulation, releases muscle tension, eases joint pain, and leaves you feeling reconnected on all levels! 60 mins


Rise and shine - enjoying Dru Meditation outside

Feel great! Enjoy a relaxing and revitalising therapy.


Swedish body massage

Relax your whole body and mind with a deeply nurturing body full massage. Incorporating many traditional massage techniques, this treatment can be tailored to target your problem areas. Includes legs, abdomen, back, shoulders, neck, face and scalp. 60 mins


Hot stones massage

Dru nurturing therapies

Relax, refresh, revitalise!

The use of hot stones in massage is centuries old and promoted in many traditions and cultures. The warmth of the stones penetrates deep into the muscles promoting detoxification and relaxation. Combining traditional Swedish body massage techniques and hot stone therapy this treatment is the perfect way to totally relax and unwind. 60 mins

Thai foot massage

Thai foot massage is a deeply relaxing, refreshing, revitalising and detoxing treatment, which firmly massages your feet and lower limbs (and hands on request) with nourishing therapeutic oils, stimulating specific points that benefit your overall health and wellbeing. This one-of-a-kind treatment works on the Thai Sen energy lines, combining aspects of acuppressure, reflexology, yoga and traditional Thai massage - a luxurious way to reward your hard-worked limbs. 45/60 mins

Foot reflexology

Reflexology is a healing therapy using the thumbs and fingers to give a particular form of massage to the feet. There are reflexes in the feet for all parts of the body so in giving a full Reflexology massage to both feet; the whole body is being treated not just areas of concern. Reflexology willsimply stimulate the body to heal itself. 60 mins


Dru therapies

Rebalance your energy system

Feel relaxed and refreshed

Cranio-Sacral therapy

CranioSacral therapy is a gentle treatment developed from Cranial Osteopathy. It uses subtle yet extremely effective techniques that allow the body to release physical and emotional tension. It is a gentle, yet highly effective therapy that works with the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The aim of a treatment is to restore the natural position of the bones by releasing compression from falls, accidents or dentistry. Conditions that benefit from CST range from falls, TMJ dysfunctions (temporomandibular joint problems), headaches, migraines, sciatica, sinusitis, vertigo, arthritis, hormonal imbalances and many more. Cranio-sacral therapy can also help to rebalance the energy system leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed! 60 mins (incl. consultation)

Cranio-sacral plus hot stone therapy

Choose to combine your hot stones, Indian head massage or back, neck, shoulder massage and get double the benefits! Cranio-sacral is a perfect addition to any treatment to calm the mind, release tension and stress, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and revitalised! 60 mins

Ayurvedic medicinal spice with pestle and mortar

Ayurveda - a holistic approach personalised to your dosha

Cranial osteopathy

Fed up of back pain? Bored of ongoing, unexplained neck pain? Had enough of headaches? Cranial osteopathy could be your answer. Cranial osteopathy is a refined and subtle type of osteopathic treatment that encourages the release of stresses and tensions throughout the body, including the head. Utilised by Premiership footballers in the UK, cranial osteopathy is a gentle yet extremely effective treatment for symptoms of whiplash, head impacts, car crashes, and any impacts or traumas that your body has received. 60 mins


Dru nurturing therapies; massage, Bowen technique, cranial therapies, reflexology, Ayurvedic therapies and many more

Feel good about yourself and get more out of life!

Bach flower remedies

Bach flower remedies are 38 plant and flower based remedies, each one specially devised to treat a different feeling. Flower remedies work by stimulating the body’s own capacity to heal itself, by balancing negative feelings, helping you to take control, feel good about yourself and get more out of life. These remedies are unique, simple to use and suitable for all. 45 mins



Zen Shiatsu

Create success and purpose in your life!


Discover the tools you need to get where you want to go and live your dream!


Zen Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese healing art which can help a wide range of health complaints. Peter studied for many years under Sasaki and Y Kawada, both Shiatsu masters. A Shiatsu treatment will bring your energy into

balance and is also effective as a preventative against disease. 60 mins

The Bowen technique

The Bowen technique allows the body to reset and heal itself. A Bowen treatment consists of a series of gentle moves on the skin (or through light clothing), with the client usually lying on a bed or comfortable treatment couch. A treatment frequently results in a deep sense of overall relaxation, allowing the body to recharge and balance itself. 50 mins

Your personal Dru programme


    Two women chatting by a river under a tree

    Enhance your relationships, career, finances ..

    Dru Mentoring

    Enhance the most important areas of your life. Discover the tools you need to get where you want to go and live your dream! Apply keys to success to all areas in your life - finance, relationships, career, yoga, and meditation. Identify thoughts that are energy-depleting and energy-giving, emotions that sap or enhance your self confidence and actions. How do you increase your physical energy, stamina, joy and self esteem with little effort? We will look at how to identify the above, direct your emotional energy, rediscover your talents and develop your plan to create more fulfilment and purpose in life. 




      Lady and sky

      Imagine the 5-star feeling!


      • 5 Star Lifestyle Plan:  Imagine the 5 star feeling! Look good, feel good, vibrant, energised, confident and in control of your life. We will explore simple, practical techniques and quick, easy nutrition to keep you at your best. (Annie Jones) 
      • Ninety percent of pain is muscular. A personalised Dru Yoga programme is the most effective way of gaining long term relief and control of pain. It is very easy to practice a lot of exercises that target the areas of your body causing your pain. Take advantage of our Personal Yoga Programme service to give you an effective tool you can use every day to start you on the road to recovery. The benefit of a tailored programme is that it is designed to suit your personal time restrictions and lifestyle.
      • 5 Star Back Care: This 5 step programme will help ease back pain and train you to keep your back healthy. (Annie Jones)
      • Yoga for your health (Monica Staniforth)
      • Yoga for energy awareness (Sylvia Barrington)



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