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Dru Natural health foods

We are all aware that without fuelling our bodies with healthy, high-energy food, all the things we want to achieve daily may not be possible.


Dru Barley grass for a healthy life filled with healthy nutrition!

Dru Natural Foods

Dru Barley Grass

In our search for the best natural answers to this issue, we’ve found the most satisfying ethically-produced food, ensuring that as we take from mother nature with one hand, we give back with the other.

Dru Natural Foods' Barley Grass is dairy and gluten free, made from the best available quality ingredients and certified organic by the Soil Association.                

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Dru Barley Grass 

100% pure, this wholesome green food is made from the powdered leaves of young barley grass plants (hordeum vulgare).

Dru Barley Grass contains a wide range of naturally occurring nutrients, including enzymes, chlorophyll and trace elements. 

Dru Barley Grass is gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, dairy free, non-GM and organically grown. Organic Certification UK4. Available in 100g (approx. 1 month's supply) and 200g sizes.


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Dru Naural health foods

Dru Barley Grass

How to use Barley Grass

Mix with water, milk, yogurt, juice or sprinkle on cereal. Adults: Start with half a rounded teaspoon (1g) daily, increasing to 2 teaspoons (4g) over a fortnight. No more than 8 teaspoons (16g) should be taken daily. This will help your body become accustomed to this powerful food gradually. Children and pets: half the adult intake. Dru recommends eating a varied and balanced diet as part of a positive healthy lifestyle.


Natural Foods to improve your health & fitness

Are you ready to get healthy? All you need is to brush up on your nutrition facts and ask yourself one question when choosing food: Is this natural and healthy? Your body is a living thing – feed it fresh, natural foods to optimise your fitness regime. Here are our top health tips for raising energy levels and creating wellness.


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Top tips for creating wellness

Dru Barley grass for a healthy life filled with healthy nutrition!

Dru Natural Foods

Dru Barley Grass

  • Eat a hydrating diet including short grain brown rice & fresh organic seasonal vegetables especially greens (not including potatoes) as 50% of each main meal to maintain positive hydration levels and as part of a pH balanced diet.
  • Cook only with saturated fats (ghee, butter, coconut oil). Remove trans fats and cooked oils from your diet.
  • Include protein and raw oils with each meal to keep blood sugar levels stable.
  • Take 3-6 tsp. flax oil daily for endocrine, nervous system & prostaglandin support.
  • Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper.
  • Take ALL vegetable oils incl. flax, olive oil etc. organic and raw.
  • Take Green Barley Grass Powder (1/2 - 1+ tsp. per day).
  • Snack on nuts, seeds and fruit or take a healthy smoothie or a raw superfood bar.


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