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The World Peace Flame meditation

The World Peace Flame meditation

A gift for you...

If you've been directed to this page, it's because we want to give you a gift!

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The World Peace Flame meditation

This meditation is from the CD, Meditations on Light, and it brings you one of the most powerful tools we know for bringing healing and wholeness to your relationships. Any relationship: between you and another, between you and yourself, or between you and some place that's troubled in the world.

We've taught it to many people across the years, and witnessed remarkable results of healing and transformation. The meditation has such power that you might find people that you've been uncomfortable with coming towards you with completely renewed openess and willingness to build a new relationship. So much so that it's almost possible to be in danger of recreating a conflict yourself by being unprepared for this and defaulting to your own habitual guardedness!

We wish you all the best with this meditation and would love to hear your experiences - feel free to add a comment below.


Short version

If you're busy and just want a quick version of this meditation, we've summarised it below. But before you zoom into this, it might be worth asking the question, why be so busy that 20 minutes of incredible meditation is too much? 

Just a thought!


World Peace Flame meditation

  1. Sit in a comfortable position. Relax your body and focus on your breath for a few moments, allowing the natural rhythm of your breathing to bring a deep sense of relaxation to you.
  1. Begin to think of a situation where you would like to send peace.  It may be a place of conflict or unrest.  Construct a picture of it at heart level in front of you. The situation could be with someone you love or perhaps of something that is happening in the world.
  1. Once this picture has formed, imagine you are breathing in a golden light from a space above the crown of your head. Breathe this light down through the crown and into your heart. As you breathe out send this light from the heart towards the picture in front of you.
  1. Continue this for several breathes. Breathing in and drawing a golden glow through the crown to the heart, breathing out and sending this light towards the picture in front of you.
  1. As the light touches the people or places involved, see the pain and suffering begin to dissolve and peace gradually take its place.
  1. Watch smiles and relief coming onto the faces of the people in your picture.
  1. When you feel the transformation is complete, allow the image in front of you to fade, take your awareness to the golden glow which has built up around the heart and simply rest in silence.




21 Sep, 2017
Thank you for placing this beautiful meditation in my direct line of sight. Perfect for World Peace Day and Spring Equinox.