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Here at Dru we know the importance of a regular practice, for some of us that is yoga, meditation and even studying yogic scripture. On this page we have outlined the current online courses that are available for you. Click on the links below to find out more information on these courses.


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Join the Boundless Energy course today!

Boundless Energy 

This Boundless Energy course is designed to give you all you need to make life a richer and more meaningful experience.

This 6 week course is split into 3 two week modules. This gives you 14 days to establish new patterns before starting the next stage. There are many subjects covered that are crucial and central to radiant health. This course invites you to look at your stress levels and lifestyle design, what foods and drinks may be causing you to gain weight and the effect of the ever-more chemical environment around us.

Want to join the Boundless Energy course?

Discover your inherent radiant health - join up today!



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Dru Meditation

Become the you. you've always dreamed of!

Meditation online course

This 9-month course takes you week-by-week on one of the most exciting yet relaxing journeys of your life! Perhaps the most comprehensive introduction to meditation available on the web, we aim to get you meditating, de-stressing and relaxing as quickly as you possibly can.

  • nine months of meditation techniques
  • audio downloads of your meditation and relaxation techniques
  • a monthly ebook manual in full colour, filled with stories, pictures and fascinating quotes
  • weekly practice outlines for a 10 minute or a 20 minute session: 10 minutes if you’re very busy, or 20 minutes if you’ve got a bit more time
  • stories, insights and handy hints
  • how to easily overcome the common difficulties meditators experience 
  • how to sit comfortably
  • ‘during the day’ techniques 
  • questionnaires to help you measure the changes that meditation is bringing to your life

Interested in the Meditation online course?

Discover the power of meditation. Explore some common FAQs and course content



John Jones, Dru Meditation teacher trainer

John Jones

The Bhagavad Gita - a timeless manual for successful living

Bhagavad Gita

Over eighteen months (one chapter per month) you will explore in depth ancient teachings and contemporary self mastery techniques, taking you ever-deeper into a fascinating journey of discovering your self.

The Dru Bhagavad Gita online personal mastery course will introduce you to potent and practical techniques that help clarify your sense of purpose and enhance your well-being, including the guidelines for ‘the person of steady wisdom’ that MK Gandhi used as a daily action checklist (Chapter2), a movement sequence designed to transform unwanted emotions into powerful energy, any time (Chapter 10) and many more.





Discover the Dru Bhagavad Gita online

Ancient wisdom for modern life - this 18 month online course will guide you through the process of overcoming adversity and reaching your fullest potential.

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