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Dru Yoga trainer, Osteopath and 'the face of Dru'

As a trained Osteopath and senior Dru Yoga teacher trainer, Coby combines these two disciplines to provide a unique holistic approach to controlling back pain.

With 12 years' experience in these fields, Coby has taken her knowledge and expertise across the UK and Europe, giving lectures, assisting workshops, writing regular health articles and appearing on GMTV’s couch with Lorraine Kelly.

Coby also teaches on the International Dru Yoga Teacher training course, coaching Dru Yoga teachers on how to help students with back pain. She believes the success of a yoga programme is determined by it's precision in being able to target the areas causing the pain.

Her back conditioning programme, available in audio format, is sold internationally by Osteopaths and Yoga Instructors and is stocked by GPs in the UK.



Articles, blogs and products

22 September, 2013
FITNESS YOGA - strengthen, tone and energise
Coby Langford Discover the unique "Dru Power Sequence" in this 60 minute workout Practice this balance of stretching and strengthening movements, combined with the art of core strength and deep relaxation.  Keep your muscles at optimum... Read more...
6 September, 2013
Total Body Workout Dru Yoga DVD
Coby Langford and Krishna Patel As seen on Body in Balance TV, Sky 275 Dru Yoga's Total Body Workout DVD will remove your stress, trim your weight and leave you feeling on top of the world! Filmed on Australia's glorious New South Wales... Read more...
1 June, 2014
Easing Back Pain MP3
Mansukh Patel & Coby Langford Develop highly effective 15-20 minute daily exercise programmes to help you ease and take control of your back pain within 6 weeks. Read more...
10 January, 2017
Dru health tips - The benefits of smiling
How often do we hear these phrases; ‘whistle while you work' and 'laughter is the best medicine' These are all phrases we drop into our everyday language, but is there a little bit of science behind such thoughts? Studies have shown... Read more...
3 June, 2014
Feel Great Look Radiant
Coby Langford Two body-mind Dru Yoga classes to make your feel great and look radiant. As seen on Sky TV. ‘I never knew yoga could feel so good! My mind is clear and my body is energised. I must be glowing on the... Read more...