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CPD Masterclass: Dru Strength & Power

5 April, 2024
(Registration open till December 2025)

Join Radha and Christiane as they take you through a Dru Yoga workout session to bring your body alive and build up physical strength as well as your inner power. If you’re planning to teach in gym or simply want to bring more fitness and dynamism into your practice or teaching then this masterclass is a must go for you!

A strong body brings strong health & inner stability. Emotionally we become more resilient and the mind becomes more focused. Simply by building strength and resilience in your physical body we are affecting all the other Koshas to do the same.

Training the right muscle groups can help you and your students better your performance- whether you’re a runner, a yoga practitioner or an athlete in any sport.

Movement releases endorphins which bring an experience of joy. Like children playing- they are happy and in the present moment. When we move we automatically bring the biochemistry of our body into a joyful place.

In this masterclass we will take you through: 

  • Dynamic movements for cardio-vascular health
  • Movements which strengthen your core and train your stabilising muscles
    How to craft a yoga program that incorporates both flexibility and building muscular strength with endurance training 
  • Power breathing to align body and mind
  • Deep relaxation to de-stress and rejuvenate

    By incorporating resistance & strength training into your weekly yoga program you can:


  • increase and maintain bone density


  • improve our endocrine health


  • improve our cognitive function


  • improve sleep & stress management


  • improve our health span not just our life span



So you can have the vitality and the energy within your body, mind and spirit to live your life to the fullest!



A reasonable level of fitness is required.



Friday 5th April


Standard - £45



Friday, April 5, 2024 - 19:00
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retired, Tavistock, Devon, UK

I enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of the teachers and the positive vibe. I love learning new things. The workshop was excellent: enlightening and fulfilling.

avatar sand and sea
Clinical Manager /Person centred therapist, Glasgow
The Spirituality of Yoga course allowed me to connect back in with my self at a time when the external world had become very challenging and uncertain. Through the various tools and teachings from the course, It reminded me of the strength that lies within and the stillness that is there.  This  benefited me on a individual level but also my family and my colleagues and clients as I was able to share a sense of clarity and calmness back  into the workplace.
Avatar daffodil
Dru Yoga teacher & complimentary therapist

What I'll take from today's yoga postgrad workshop:- My favourite part was the Salutation to the 4 Directions. I love doing and teaching this already, but really enjoyed using colour and affirmations within the sequence.

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