Yoga therapy post grad diploma in Wales, March 2017

16 March, 2017

This course is accredited with the British Council of Yoga therapists and successful candidates are eligible to register with the Complementary and natural healthcare council.

We are looking for experienced yoga teachers who are looking to develop their knowledge and skills to work in the field of yoga therapy.  Yoga therapy is an emerging therapeutic approach for individuals and small groups to help heal a wide range of specific condition and promote health.

To a certain degree all yoga teachers take the role of yoga therapist. Whenever yoga methods are prescribed to aid specific health conditions, or whenever you give a student the alternate nostril breath or other pranayama exercises to aid sinus problems, for example, then you are taking the role of yoga therapist.

The boundary between yoga teacher and yoga therapist is blurring, and more yoga teachers are being put into the position of therapist. Yoga teachers often say to us, that they 'just wish they knew what yoga practices to give for different health conditions'.

With G.P.'s trying to cut down on spending, and the government looking for cheaper ways to maintain health, it is only natural that more people are being referred to yoga as an aid in their recovery.

Are you a yoga teacher with over two years of experience? Are you interested in becoming a yoga therapist? 



Tuition Fees

6 x 4-day modules, £400 each

2 x 6-day modules, £600 each

6 individual tutorials, £50 each

Fees do not include accommodation or food.

DPN discount available.



Thursday, March 16, 2017 - 09:30
Sunday, March 19, 2017 - 18:30
Nikki Martin Dru Yoga teacher training student
Nurse, Ponsanooth

If you want to be taught by people who live what they teach,  find a clear direction towards your goal, have fun at the same time, with lovely people in a beautiful setting, then this course is for you!

Very relaxing. I had the best sleep that I have had in years which must have been because I was so totally relaxed.

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This weekend has released a huge amount of energy and joy in me. I have found my teacher training school and I now know that I want to teach Dru Yoga!