Starting to teach

Starting to teach

Starting to teach

Most students are so excited by the benefits of Dru Yoga in their own lives that they are keen to teach it to others.

As you start to teach you will find that Dru Yoga offers you an amazing opportunity to earn extra income from doing something you love.



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Dru Yoga graduate UK

I started the Dru Yoga course for myself and never intended teaching. The course has enabled me to understand myself and discover the potential within me. I am now teaching and bringing this discovery to others - amazing!

Am I qualified to teach before I complete the Yoga course?

Halfway through your yoga course, if your assignments are up-to-date, you can choose to take an interim teaching assessment to demonstrate that you have the experience to teach Dru Yoga properly and safely. When you pass this, you may join the Professional Register of Dru Yoga teachers as a student member, and start to teach what you've learned.

What are a student teacher's first steps?

We recommend a mentoring system to set your feet firmly on the path. Either contact us, or ask your local Dru Yoga teacher to let you teach part of their class and give you constructive feedback on your lesson plans and teaching skills.



Half our students start to teach Yoga before graduation!

This helps you to recoup the costs of the course, while discovering the joy of teaching Dru Yoga.

When will I do the final assessment?

We advise taking the final assessment within one year of finishing the course. If you wait longer than a year we'll ask you to do another 60 hours of training by joining an undergraduate group who are in the final stages of their training.

When do I qualify as a yoga teacher?

You qualify as a Dru Yoga teacher once you've attended all the course modules, completed all your assignments, passed the final teaching assessment and become a full member of the Professional Register of Dru Yoga Teachers.

Neelke Mussche participating in Dru Yoga relaxation

Neelke Mussche

Dru Yoga teacher

Tell me about the Dru Professional Network (DPN)

The DPN Full Membership is available to all Dru Yoga teachers who have passed their final assessment on the 200-hour Dru Yoga Teacher Training course. 

By joining the Dru Professional Network you know that Dru is standing behind you and your qualification. You also join a vibrant and growing community of Dru yoga teachers who remain connected to Dru.

  • A personal login to the members’ pages of the DPN website where you will find teacher tips and marketing ideas
  • Hugely discounted professional insurance rates
  • 4 months free membership of the Dru Yoga Online Studio, then half price subscription rates
  • 2 months free on the Dru Online meditation course
  • Find A Teacher service
  • Telephone referrals for student teacher members and an online service for full members
  • Up top 30% discount on Dru products including books, CDs and DVDs
  • Free artwork for posters, and flyers and business cards
  • Discounted website services                                                                                                    
  • Discount at some CPD and other events

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Continuing professional development

Want to know more?

Your continuing professional development (CPD) is important and ensures a high standard of teaching from all Dru Yoga teachers. Our worldwide postgraduate training programmes keep you abreast of any new developments and refinements in the Dru style and teaching methodology. You can choose to follow short indepth courses on special themes or opt for our regular master class workshops. The current CPD requirement is 24 hours over 2 years.


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