What our students say

What our students say

Dru Yoga Teacher Training

What our students say...


We could tell you all the amazing benefit of the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course, but our students from all over the world, having experienced it themselves, can say it better.



'Dru Yoga is accessible to everyone; you don't have to be able to do the lotus posture to start to practise. Just Dru it!’
Hazel, architectural designer, UK

'Dru is a fast track to feeling balanced and more at peace with myself after a busy day of demands at work. I can also use short sequences or breathing techniques to centre myself during the day.'
Camilla, psychologist and school counsellor, Australia 


Applying is easy!

1.  Simply download and fill in the application form

2.  Then ask your yoga teacher, a colleague or friend to write you a reference

3.  Send your application and reference back to the Dru team

4.  We will be in touch to arrange an interview or a session at a nearby try-out day.

5.  If you haven't already done so, you may want to reserve your place on the course by paying your registration fee*


Dru Yoga - become who you really are.

The Dru Yoga teacher training course helps you become more 'you'.

What now?

We'll review your application and references and get back to you shortly.  We’d normally want to meet you or speak with you by phone or skype, so we’ll be in touch to arrange an interview. Alternatively,you could attend a session at a try out day.

We're very much looking forward to welcoming you onto the Dru Yoga teacher training course! You can pay your registration fee* via the training course pages>



Come and join our teacher training course

Become a Dru Yoga teacher and earn a living doing what you love!



'The Dru Course offers a complete package—regular retreats, personal development, structure for your practice at home, skills to teach, and practical ways to give back to the world.'
Judy, Dru Yoga undergraduate, Australia

'I started the Dru Yoga course for myself and never intended teaching. The course has enabled me to understand myself and discover the potential within me… I am now teaching and bringing this discovery to others—amazing!'
Keely, Dru Yoga graduate, UK

'Having experienced many different forms of yoga over the last twelve years, I find the holistic philosophy of Dru Yoga very appealing and most effective!'
Jill, Dru Yoga undergraduate, UK

'The Dru course is a great journey with lots of inspiration and uplifting insights to help you on your way. It would be hard to find this sort of wisdom in many other places.'
Judy, Dru Yoga undergraduate, UK

'The Dru Yoga teacher training course has enriched my life and opened doorways to physical, emotional and spiritual health in an exciting and fulfilling way.'
Megan, Dru Yoga graduate, Australia

'The Dru postgraduate course is an essential part of my ongoing life experience—both updating and deepening my yogic knowledge as a teacher, and also enhancing my personal growth…then, with new found strength I take this out into the world.'
Di, Dru Yoga postgraduate, Australia

'Through witnessing patient recovery, I believe yoga holds the key to resolving most musculoskeletal aches and pains. Our defining question to prospective employees is: “What's your opinion on the use of yoga in treatment?” If we don't like the answer, we don't employ!'
Coby, Soothe Clinic osteopath, senior Dru tutor, UK

'I find myself giving up my day job to spend more and more time communicating these amazing Dru tools of health, wellbeing and personal growth to others.'
Mouli, designer and Dru Yoga graduate, Australia

'I hardly recognise myself as the person I was six years ago. The bouts of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem I used to suffer on a regular basis have gone, to be replaced by increasing self-confidence and a joyfulness in life that I'd forgotten was possible.'
Catherine, Dru Yoga teacher, UK

'The Dru Yoga teacher training is of an extremely high standard. The tutors have a deep knowledge of the science of yoga and it is obvious they practise what they teach.'
Mona, Dru Yoga graduate and reflexologist, UK

'The Dru Yoga teacher training course has reached into every part of my life, relationships and business and every part has benefited.'
Paul, IT consultant, Kenya

'Dru Yoga has completely changed the way I approach my life, my work, my attitude to people. It has truly been a journey of self discovery.'
Nigel, Dru Yoga graduate, UK

'Dru is my inspiration—it invigorates my body, settles my mind and is the most wonderful journey of inner peace.'
Marianne, Dru Yoga graduate, UK

The benefits that Dru Yoga has brought me have dramatically reduced my stress levels and increased my awareness of the daily pressures that are faced by most of my colleagues. I am more conscious of not taking on this stress myself. As a result, people value my increased creativity, clarity and calm, and my client base has expanded.'
J.M. senior management consultant, UK 

'It took a while for me to realise the deep transformative power of the subtle movements and visualisations.'
Jon, research scientist and Dru Yoga graduate, Australia

'Dru Yoga has helped me improve my physical wellbeing by alleviating neck and back pain. It has helped improve posture, motivate me to exercise regularly and lose weight, tone my body and eat more healthily.'
Margot, Dru Yoga undergraduate, Australia

'As a physiotherapist working in the NHS for almost 20 years, I have found Dru Yoga invaluable for me personally and for integration into my clinical practice.'
Ruth, senior Dru tutor and physiotherapist, UK

'The Dru Yoga teacher training course turned my life around. I became a happy, enthusiastic, highly-motivated individual. Ten years on, my company 'Yoga for Your Health' has grown and developed in ways I couldn't have imagined—taking yoga off the mat, delivering stress management to companies and offering one-to-one tailor made programmes. I would sum up by saying…If you are thinking about a career in Dru Yoga… Don't just think about it—DO IT. You'll never look back!'
Wendy, Yoga for Your Health, UK

'I am now seven weekends into the course and it is beyond my expectations. It is so well balanced and professional. The teachers can't do enough to encourage and help us to become great yoga teachers. Before I started the training, I have to admit I found Dru Yoga a bit gentle. Now I am starting to understand what it is really about and just how strong it is! It is flowing, yes; it is adjustable and compassionate and at the same time I get a great workout. It affects me on many levels—not just the physical high of being stretched in a pose and the calming effect on my mind—but it is also emotionally and spiritually uplifting.'
Hilary, Dru Yoga undergraduate, UK


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