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Anita Goswami


Director, International School of Dru Yoga, NL

International presenter, Dru life coach and mentor, Anita has been empowering people for more than 3 decades. Her greatest interest is helping people reach their potential in whatever field brings them fulfilment and purpose. She is well respected for her clarity and innate understanding of the needs of the human being and is particularly skilled at helping people harness the power of spiritual principles for personal development.  

Her wide experience encompasses nearly every aspect of personal development, from corporate stress management consulting to vocational excellence coaching, from personal spiritual mentoring to de-traumatisation trainings for refugees in war zones.

Anita’s aim is always to help people be firmly in control of their own lives, enabling them to live with passion, focus and energy. 

Her presentations are rich, lively and incisive, filled with humour and potency. She brings ancient wisdom to modern day living with panache, style and creativity.



Articles, blogs and products

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