Advanced Practitioner Diploma - try out - 3 Nov 2021 |



Advanced Practitioner Diploma - try out - 3 Nov 2021

3 November, 2021
(Registration open till November 2021)

Although this event has passed, you can still book and watch the recording which will be found in your account under 'Online Events'.

Dru Yoga as you've never experienced it before.

How is it that Dru is so very, very effective in transforming emotions, shaping your mind to acheive your goals, healing your body..., and well, the list is impressive, isn't it?

This course shows you how. In depth. And with such remarkable clarity that your students and friends will be wondering how your teaching has suddenly become so transformative.

Join Andrew Wells to discover how this course works, and learn some impressive depths of yoga practice along the way. 

The Advanced Practitioner Diploma course takes you through the five layers of awareness - the five koshas: physical, subtle energy, emotions, knowings/understandings, connectedness. And in each layer, it helps you change your own consciousness by exploring the hidden potential of each chakra, building your abundance, relationships, ability to create, love, know your dharma and your life purpose. It gives you a living, interactive experience of the effects of the master postures for each chakra and at each kosha (yes, they vary from kosha to kosha). In so doing, you'll learn your own language of your inner world, and learn from the group about their languages for their inner worlds. It's a complete immersion in the wonders of yoga!

Tonight's interactive meeting will be an opportunity to ask questions of Andrew, to get to know others interested in joining the course, and explore how you can make incredible additions to your yoga practice and teaching. Through the evening, Andrew will be sharing some profound ways to enrich your yoga. 

This course is open to yoga teachers from all traditions, as well as senior students on the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course. Join Andrew and discover how you can change the world!

Discover how this course will be relevant to you, and how it will dramatically improve your world. 

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Price and Booking

Live 75 min tryout

Price: £10.00


Wednesday, November 3, 2021 - 19:00
Avatar blue sky and cloud

It is really good to experience different teachers. There is always something new to learn.

Amazing weekend of yoga, walking and meditation. Such a beautiful place full of amazing people. Staff are very helpful and supportive and the food is superb. Would highly recommend a visit.

IT Consultant, High Wycomb

The training is about so much more than the asanas, it is very holistic. The pace is at the right level, every asana is refreshed so you get the opporunity to learn how to do it correctly.

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