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Advanced Yoga Shaktis - A Living Connection with Nature, including EBR 9

30 November, 2023
(Registration open till December 2025)

A Group Mentoring with Andrew Wells

NB: It's perfectly possible to come to the final event in the series, and then go back and fill out your experience with the 2 earlier classes. 


People come to Dru for many reasons, but two of the greatest are:

  • The incredible feeling we experience - a profound sense of 'coming home', feeling at peace, energised and warmed in the heart, knowing again that we're valued, empowered co-creators of our lives
  • Discovering how to feel an actual sense of connection with nature - so that it's a felt reality to experience the pregnant stillness of a mighty forest, the awe of a mountain, the stillness beneath an ocean's waves, the far-sight of an eagle...

In this series we'll be particularly focusing on the second of these - and as a result experiencing the first!

Welcome to a discovery of Dru's advanced 'Tao of Life' sequence, formally known as Energy Block Release (EBR) 9. It's going to take two sessions to build up to the sequence, and then a third to apply it in all its fullness:

Session 1 - Sunday 29 October (4-5.15pm): we'll be doing essential masteries in preparation for the Tao of Life sequence

  • Exploring flexible grounding techniques by building a free-flow of energy between earth and body, cosmos and crown, using the Mast and Dru Salutation
  • Learning how to tap into the serenity and stillness of the ocean of life, and the flowing agility of the current of a river using the Boat posture and more. Helping you build a living connection with the earth that has a free flow. And then to live in connection with water in such a way that you have a ability to be still like the ocean, or agile and free-flowing, like the current in a river, according to the needs of the moment
  • Losing ourselves in a potent relaxation/nidra technique that puts you in touch with the stillness of the earth, the awareness of a mountain, the flow of your river of life. 

Session 2 - Thursday 9 November (7pm): welcome to the Tao of Life sequence (EBR 9)

  • The Tao of Life sequence helps you build a conscious relationship with both the sun and the sky above you. It opens you to the four directions around you and the living Earth beneath you. So that you will be able to be grounded as well as open to the creative forces of the cosmos whenever you need them.
  • We'll be creating a living network of prana between you and the 11 directions of the outer and inner compass
  • This will be building a conscious relationship with both the sun and the sky above you. Bringing close the four directions around you and the living Earth beneath you. So that you will be able to be grounded as well as open as each moment needs. 
  • And calling in the full power of your Inner Teacher's presence to activate your intuitive guidance, moment to moment

Session 3 - Thursday 30 November (7pm): the Tao of Life becomes an internal accomplishment

  • Presented from Portugal, this session will harness the power of meditation in movement, and then movement in meditation
  • You'll explore the Garudasan (eagle) and Ardha Chandrasan (standing half moon) poses, softly, invoking their higher kosha powers of perspective, akash and rooted stillness. 
  • We'll learn how to practice the Tao of Life sequence to harness your connection with the sun, thus building energy, enthusiasm for life, purpose and health. 
  • We'll learn it's power for feeling supported by every aspect of the universe
  • You'll discover how to make the Tao of Life a living meditation you can do throughout the day whenever you need strength

In the change of seasons it's easy to lose ourselves, become fractious and uncertain, perhaps feeling a bit alone as we travel through life.

Together, these three sessions aim to show you how to use the living forces of nature to keep you in top form throughout each day. Even when you can't go outside or there are only buildings where you live!

In summary, you'll take another great step towards experiencing being in a universe that is conscious, alive, and reachable. 

Ask questions and receive personal direction

Each class will conclude with time for your questions about how to harness these special discoveries in your practice, and there'll be opportunities to reflect on this and gain guidance during each class and potentially in between. 

I'm so looking forward to being with you!

With my very best wishes and salutations to you,





One session: £25
Session 1, 2 & 3: £64

Includes live & replays

DPN Members
One session: £21
Sessions 1, 2 & 3: £54

CPD Points: 1 CPD point for each session

Consistent Volunteers (If you volunteer for more than 1-2 hours per week, or equivalent in bursts - eg consistent support tutoring.)
One session: £21
Sessions 1, 2 & 3: £54




Thursday, November 30, 2023 - 19:00
Angela Verrecchia
East Dunbartonshire

Spirituality of Yoga Course

I like the nudge this sangha gives. I may not be perfect with my practice but I do accept it is where I am now and as is said many times teachers - 'There are no errors in the system.

Testimonial default avatar image
Marine biologist, Torpoint, Cornwall, UK

There was lots of variation, some easy, some more challenging. Lots of explanation about how to move and the theory behind the moves. I love to know stuff :). 

Dru Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Porthcawl
My name is Linda I did the Meditation teacher training in 2010, after teaching Dru Yoga for 6 yrs.
Knowing the benefits that Dru Yoga had for me, I then went on to teach both Dru Yoga and Meditation, I found that Dru Meditation took my practice to another level, I became a much calmer person, slept better, my outlook on life changed, my love for nature increased, what I found astounding was when I began teaching meditation, was watching, over the course of time the wonderful changes in people, it was almost like they were blossoming !
So many of my students told they felt so much better since beginning to meditate.
I would recommend the Dru Meditation Course to anyone, it really is a life changer.

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