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Global Unity & Peace Meditation with the Dru team

6 May, 2021
(Registration open till May 2021)

Want to make a difference to the world?

Well you can by joining hundreds of others to meditate for unity and peace.

In this special online session, you can experience the potency of Dru Meditation for the first time or take your existing meditation practice deeper by meditating in a group with a shared high intention to elevate ourselves individually and collectively.   

At Dru we believe we can transform the world when we transform ourselves, so our aim is to do that using the power of Dru meditation. Research has already shown correlations between the times when groups of people have come together to meditate and when external events have changed e.g. there has actually been drop in crime rates in US cities during large group meditations. 

Meditating in a group is also a potent experience in itself. It not only deepens your own experience of meditation, it breaks down the barriers between us allowing us to meet at the level of collective consciousness where (regardless of where we are located) we are ‘one’.

Join the Dru team for this very unique meditation session where we will meditate for unity and peace as part of our celebrations of the Dru worldwide anniversary on May 6.

In this very special workshop the Dru team will:

  • Prepare your body with yoga movement
  • Align your mind with breath work
  • Give you tips to make meditation easy
  • Deepen your experience of meditation with the koshas
  • Guide you through a very special Global Unity & Peace Meditation

This workshop is free or by donation. It is suitable for those who are new to meditation or are advanced practitioners who would like in-depth experience of meditation in a group.

Individually we are a drop, but together we are an ocean

Time: 7.00-8.00pm AEST

Dates: Thursday 6 May 2021

Cost: This event is free or by donation

Venue: Online

Any questions call 02 6161 1462 or email


Thursday, May 6, 2021 - 19:00
Dru Yoga Teacher, Derbyshire

The decision to join the Spirituality of Yoga course came to me unexpectedly and after some hesitation. I'm so thankful that I did!
The practices have affected me, some very deeply, in a way that feels more certain and deep than anything else I've done; awakening new awareness but also drawing me back to long held understandings that had slipped from my life.  Most of all, at this time in my life, in the world, it has helped to experience deep stillness and steadiness, with a renewed compassion for my self as well as others.
On a practical level, the online course fits in easily with daily life, with a balance of learning, practice and space to absorb one thing before moving on.  The videos are all there to go over as many times as needed - and also to return to the energy of the live sessions.
The support throughout is amazing, steady, generous and infused with love, joy and a lot of laughter!  It's been wonderful to feel closer to our amazing tutors and the wider community on the course. I know this is another step in a lifelong process and I'm looking forward to the next stage of the journey....Thank you Dru!x

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Photographer, Hebden Bridge
If you want to press stop, feel more gratitude, give more and open your heart to a bright and happy existence, the DYTT is a place to make a start. Be inspired, work hard and make it happen
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Finance Manager, St Ann's Chapel, Cornwall, UK

I enjoyed all of this workshop, but particularly EBR3 and the flowing tree. My overall impression was that this workshop was great; very peaceful and as a complete beginner, easy for me to do.

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