Masterclass: Dinacharya—Supercharge Your Health & Wellbeing |



Masterclass: Dinacharya—Supercharge Your Health & Wellbeing

25 January, 2023
(Registration open till December 2025)

Dinacharya is a simple and straightforward approach to getting the most out of your day, starting with what you do each morning.

It's an essential part of Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga. In translation, the word ‘dinacharya’ means daily routine and these practices can be distributed throughout your day to suit you. The aim of these practices is to create a natural balance to your personal constitution or Prakriti. It clears sluggishness and reboots the system after a night's sleep.
This master class will give you a practical tool kit to enhance your energy, refresh and improve your mind and body.

What you will learn:

  • How to wake up in a way that touches your whole day with magic.
  • How to ignite the passion for the day by clearing the sluggishness from your mind and body.
  • How to feel nurtured and nourished from the moment you open your eyes. How to feel all-attractive, confident, and ready for what the day will bring.

For yogi’s and meditators alike - dinacharya will add a new level of freshness to your practice.
And it's a great way to start finding out more about Ayurveda.

Dr Janey Fitzgerald's 30 years of GP practice and holistic therapeutics means she is one of the most qualified ayurvedic practitioners in the UK. Her engaging presence and profound knowledge makes Ayurveda's sophisticated knowledge of how to live within the flow of life easily available to you. Donna Davies is a yoga teacher and ayurveda coach working intensively with the Dru team. You'll love her upbeat, joyous discovery of how ancient wisdom makes modern life easier, wiser and clearer. 

Prices & Booking

Date: 25 January 2023
Time: 7.00pm – 8.00pm
Cost: £25
£12.50 for DPN members and Dru Yoga Online Studio members - please ensure you are logged into to receive the automatic discount.
CPD points: 1 


Wednesday, January 25, 2023 - 19:00
GP, Manchester

I can feel myself changing as a person. I feel more confident and more loving. I have taken on a position of increased responsibility at work and have found the postures have increased my confidence. My patients tell me I am nicer.

avatar flowers
Retired social worker, yoga teacher and counsellor

What I'll take from this postgrad yoga workshop today:- integration of movement and emotions and the affirmations.  Also developing asana work at a different pace.

I have benefitted totally from taking part in the Spirituality of Yoga Course, particularly online, so that more people can take part, no travel, and connection wherever we are in the world.  I love having the videos so that I can recreate the experience myself.  I'm excited to be part of a sangha and look forward to continuing over the next year.  I'd really love little 20 minute live reminders of the practices through facebook so we can continue most mornings or whenever we can, together all over the World, like we did in the 5 day challenge, then I can have bite sized reminders to use daily.  Thank you all the team, so much, for making this accessible to me.

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